Infiniminute a simple Spiritual Practice


You have to be centered in non-doing for energy to be transferred unto you. Only in a state of non doing, vibrations can be transferred unto you. In doing, either there is conservation of energy or expenditure of energy, gaining energy happens only in a state of non doing. So, one of the reason, the first spiritual practice initiated in the path of “infinitheism” is that “infiniminute”, that a few hundred of us are already practicing it exactly at 11:11 every day in the morning. We practice a one-minute silence to experience a connect to that infinite in that one minute, and there by create the cosmic connection wherever we are across the globe.

At 11:11, let the world stop for a minute. Let everything pause, let board meetings wait, let the car be parked into that corner, put the gas in the sim. Let everything halt for a minute. Let’s create a time when football match will stop for a minute, cricket will stop for a minute, and let’s get this world to connect to create this cosmic connectivity of everything coming together on one-minute silence. We meet those in the air who pray at the same time and somehow when all of us come together in that one-minute silence, experiencing that cosmic connectivity.

The collective vibrations that build becomes available to every individual who participates in the entire process. It’s like Tug -of-war. The collective strength of everybody becomes the individual strength of each person, all of us will together and whatever is the collective strength becomes the strength of every individual involved in it. So, somewhere through “infiniminute”, if all of us can create the cosmic connection and come together in that one minute, the collective vibration that will create and Ra will also be in silence at 11:11.

So, not only we are contributing our vibrations into that moment, it’s also a moment when the source is also in a state of silence, contributing to that entire vibration and the entire vibration becomes available to every individual and thereby we improve in our energy reserve and the manifestation both in the materialistic domain as well as in the spiritual domain is there for us to experience. Gently close your eyes. Prepare yourself for the “infiniminute”.


Feeling Thy presence

Feeling Thy grace

Feeling Thy radiance

You are my source of faith and strength

You are my path and destination

And I am always connected to You

Nothing of me and everything of You

Lead me higher…

Lead me deeper…

Lead me beyond…

Lead me to You.

Very, very gently please open your eyes.

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