infinipath Satsang – Draw Good Into Your Life


Don’t misunderstand “Bible” to be heading, don’t misunderstand “Bhagavad Gita” to be a heading, somewhere open one of the pages take one aspect and apply it. Kitchen is not cooking; kitchen is a place where cooking happens. Kitchen is just a space that is defined. Then you have to go and cook one item and that’s how you learn cooking. Like that get your magnet right as a heading. It’s a process.

The process is what are your most dominant thoughts and feelings. If you’re enjoying what is being drawn into your life right now, still examine what are your thoughts and feelings. Because of a lot of good is getting drawn into your life, a lot of good is getting drawn into your life because of certain dominant thoughts and feelings. And I think you should recognize that so that you can hold on to it and continue to draw this.

See, I don’t want good to happen into your life accidentally. I want good to happen into your life by design and you can design consistent good happening into your life by studying your thought patterns. What are your dominant thoughts and feelings?

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