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Feeling thy presence, the more and more we understand, we will take away from confining that omnipresence into a person and start experiencing the presence and for the first time that gives you that freedom, a freedom that you get in your spiritual seeking. If we take this program right now not in Chinmaya Heritage Centre anywhere else, this geographical change can create some transitional issues for some of you, but the wisdom that unfolds will be exactly the same.

It makes no difference. Something which is omnipresent cannot be confined within space and form and certain dimensions of certain statues. Feeling thy presence, it is not you, it is what you represent and what you represent comes with me everywhere, is part of me everywhere. No proximity is required. Something as transcendental as what you call as “God”, divine cannot be a relationship within the proximity of physical time and space.

I can understand of the three relationships that define life, your relationship with yourself, you need to be conscious off, confined to time and space, your relationship with others, you have to be conscious of their presence, confined to time and space. A transcendental relationship cannot be confined to time and space. Only at this time or only in this space, only in this form, under this name I can relate to you then we have not understood he is right he said.

If you think, I am this bone and flesh, name and form you have not understood me at all. This you that you represent, referring to, is not me the person, it’s what I represent. A point of convergence through which I am able to experience feeling thy presence. Persons will have to be left behind; presence can be carried all the time. You have to go to meet a person, you have to just feel the presence all the time. The disciple asked the master, where is “God”? And the master asked him in return, where is he not?

A true seeker, if ever asked this question, when are you with him? The only reply a true seeker can ever give is, when I’m not with him, when he is not with me. Where is “God”? Where is he not. When are you with him? When I’m not with him. And that happens only when I grow into realizing, “Feeling”, that is with my heart. Thy, whoever that Thy is, for I know what you represent. Presence, my relationship with you. That transcendental source has gone beyond time and space, between bone and flesh, gone beyond name and form, feeling thy presence.

Feeling Thy presence

Feeling Thy grace

Feeling Thy radiance

You are my source of faith and strength

You are my path and destination

And I am always connected to You

Nothing of me and everything of You

Lead me higher…

Lead me deeper…

Lead me beyond…

Lead me to You.

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