infiniprayer Explained | Line 11 of 11 – Lead me to You…


And in all this, nothing of what I get is going to satisfy me like a “Duryodhana” felt satisfied that he finally got “Your” resources. Nor I’m going to be a “Sugriva” or a “Vibhishana”, who finally got a kingdom that I can rule with. Like an “Arjuna” told “You”, what else will I seek than “You” “Krishna”? Like what “Hanuman” told “You”, “You” have given yourself to me “Rama”, what else can “You” give me? I will enjoy what is “Yours”, but what I seek is “You”. I will reign as the King, and the Queen, in the Kingdom of “Yours”, but beyond your kingdom it is “You” that I want.

In a world that may be satisfied with “Yours”, I shall not be. I neither want to choose only “Yours” nor want to choose only “You”. I want “Yours” and I want “You”, this and that. So, it’s not enough “You” lead me higher, so that I live my life at the highest maturity in life. It’s not enough “You” lead me deeper; I live completely spiritual rooted in life. It’s not enough “You” lead me beyond; I break every barriers of limitation and create the holistic abundance in my life. It’s not enough I have “Yours”; I want “You”, lead me to “You”.

All I wish is, I want to dissolve into “You”. If ever it happens in my life from where, there is not a moment that “You” can be separated from me and I can be separated from “You”. “You” with me and me with “You” and that’s all, my life will be complete. Everything of “Yours” will come and enhance the joy of my living, but my presence nothing is going to complete me except “You”, lead me to “You”. Lead me to “You”. Please close your eyes. Feeling Thy presence. Where is “God”? The disciple asked. Where is he not, the master said.

As a seeker, people ask me, when are you with him? And I always asked them in return when am I not him. “Feeling Thy presence”. “Feeling Thy grace”. The extent to which I live my life aligned to the laws of life to that extent I know I’ll feel Thy grace. The very fact I’m feeling so much of “Your” grace must be I’m getting so much of my life right in alignment to the laws of life. “Feeling Thy radiance”. I can see me growing closer and closer to “You”. I can see myself growing more and more. In my maturity, I can see “Your” light radiating into my life and dispelling that darkness of ignorance from my life.

“Feeling Thy radiance”. “You are my source of faith and strength”. If all the resources of my life has to be used, it can only happen if “You” remain my source and “You” are the source. The strength of which I will use every resource of my life, “You” are my source of faith and strength. “”You” are my path and destination”. “You” are the journey; “You” are the destination. “You” are the means; “You” are the end. “You” are my life. “You” are my beginning, “You” are everything to me and I’m always connected to “You”.

Even the moment of feeling forsaken can only come when I disconnect myself with “You” and I’m always connected to “You”. And for all that will unfold in my life through all this, let me always remember, nothing of me and everything of “You”. It is Thy grace that is enabling everything to happen. Let the ego of accomplishment never come into me and bring out that ugly self out of me. “Lead me higher”. As an evolving consciousness, let me always embrace the higher branches of maturity from which I can live my life.

“Lead me higher”. “Lead me deeper”. In all the becoming let me never lose out on my spiritual rootedness, let me always be rooted in “You”, centered in “You”, “lead me deeper”, “lead me beyond”. Let me not become a limitation unto myself. Let me not buy into the limitations my mind perceives and end-up limiting myself. I will go as far as I can see and from there you lead me beyond. Let my life be a continuous expression of actualizing and maximizing my potential and it is not enough I have “Yours”; I want “You”. Lead me to “You”. Lead me to “You”.

Feeling Thy presence

Feeling Thy grace

Feeling Thy radiance

You are my source of faith and strength

You are my path and destination

And I am always connected to You

Nothing of me and everything of You

Lead me higher…

Lead me deeper…

Lead me beyond…

Lead me to You.

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