infiniprayer Explained | Line 9 of 11 – Lead me Deeper…


Lead me deeper. In all this intellectual growth that I go through, where I’m able to see life from the highest maturities of life that I continuously strive to become the bird from the highest branch from where I see life, let me not lose out on my spiritual rootedness. Let me not get so engulfed by the magnificent growth of the tree, but I never focused on the roots.

After all, I have seen enough trees in life, enough intellectuals in life, enough knowledgeable people in life. The first test of life they found like nine pins. The strength with which I will wrestle. The vagaries of life. The different types of life is through my spiritual rootedness. So, lead me deeper. Let me be rooted in “You” and still keep growing in my maturity to envelop this life.

Feeling Thy presence

Feeling Thy grace

Feeling Thy radiance

You are my source of faith and strength

You are my path and destination

And I am always connected to You

Nothing of me and everything of You

Lead me higher…

Lead me deeper…

Lead me beyond…

Lead me to You.

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