Is Going To Work A Struggle?


The moment I use the word my job is a problem for me and problem by its definition means I have no control over it. I can’t do anything about it. I’m helpless, and when you feel I have no control over it, when you feel I’m helpless. When you think it’s beyond your control, how will you correct it? You can’t correct it. So, you feel victimized by being in this job. When I say my job is challenging, the only difference between problem and challenging is.

I’m not saying by saying it’s challenging it’s any easy, but by saying it’s challenging, I’m telling myself, but I can do something about. It’s still in my control. I can develop my competence, or I can change the quality of my relationship with my boss. I can empower my team differently. We can re-strategize the methodology with which we work so that we still finish the project within the timeline that has been prescribed to us. And whether you see it as a challenge or whether you see it as a problem, changes an entire approach to it.

So, which means somebody sitting here a 32 and 33 with not less than 25 years of career ahead of you. If you continue to see your work life as a life of a problem, sweetheart you’re never going to know happiness in life. Never going to know happiness in life. Most of your working hours is your waking hours. So, a person who’s not happy at work is not happy in life. So, you want to be transformed you’re thinking. I should learn the latest technology. I should do an executive MBA. I should do another certification. Before you do anything else, your attitude towards work should change. Work should become celebration.

Work should become expression. Work should become a means of growth and prosperity. Work should be an expression of your happiness. Work should be a direction to your potential. Work should be the means through which I can achieve my goals and desires in mind. When I change the definition of work, then because please understand, if you don’t have the certification, you can recruit somebody with that certification. If you don’t have that capability, you can recruit somebody with that capability. But if your attitude towards work is not right, that is not recruitable.


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