Nothing is Impossible


For a minute go back and find a renunciate sitting under a Bodhi tree. What was his chances he can build a new consciousness to the world? But didn’t he. When the first discourse of “Swami Chinmayananda” was delivered, only four people listened to him in Pune. But did he not create a renaissance in his own right, didn’t he? 10,000 rupees and a rented two bedroom flat in which the whole thing was started, did it not become a world organization? Didn’t he?

At a time when everything was becoming more expensive, didn’t one man in the contemporary reason passed believe that a car can be created for 1 lakh and didn’t he reengineered the whole process and came and gave something which was a breakthrough of its own right, didn’t he? Please close your eyes. Every legendary accomplishment in the world began with the beginning, where the size of the goal, the size of the cause, the size of the purpose was illogically too large to the individual who began in the direction.

Whether it was “Gandhi”, whether it was “Ambani”, whether it was “Gautama Buddha”, whether it’s “Rajaram Mohan Roy”, whether it’s “Martin Luther King”, whether it’s “Nelson Mandela”. If they all only thought and it cannot be done, it is impossible, not possible. If they all only took stock of why it cannot be done, nothing would have happened. Nothing. But they all did something very differently. They went as far as they could see, and they went there and saw further. Please open your eyes.

I don’t care how many people say it’s not possible, but there is a whisper within me which is very, very loud and it says it is possible. And I want to believe that whisper and I don’t want to listen to the noise of the world. I know, I cannot do without you, but with you it’s possible. I know, you cannot do without me, but with me it’s possible. Together it’s possible. Don’t listen to what they have to say. I was right when I said, come, let’s go the other way. I believe it’s possible. I think it’s better to chase a purpose larger than yourself

and reach where you can reach than to chase a goal well within your grasp. I think let’s challenge ourselves. Let’s chase this purpose. You and me together in our own rights by actualizing and maximizing our potential and ensuring that we give to the world a lot more than what we receive from the world in every way of life can create a world of abundance and that will be a new world. Let’s begin this year. Directly and indirectly.

Let’s touch 100,000 lives this year and allow it to grow in geometric progression. And with an average life span of at least 40 years left, what’s not beyond us? What’s not beyond a human being? And I really think a lot is possible. I want you to believe along with me. I want you to work along with me. Let’s give it a shot and I think it’s possible. Loving you so much.

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