Karna and Krishna


And when so much goes right for me in life, I’m not “Karna” who’ll always remember. What a person he is? Not only decided never to judge “Duryodhana”. His mother comes and pleads him. That one longing years in his life, nothing else. And these are the brothers that he has always missed in life, nothing else. But “Karna”, it’s not an ordinary person and nothing was there he came and gave me everything and brought me here.

Now I’m here now you come. Now you come and say now you come off.  I will not come; I will not forsake him under an act of ingratitude will not be performed. Everybody will bet on a winning horse. He bet on it when he didn’t even know whether it was a horse or a donkey and he was willing to stand by it at that stage. “Karna” stands here, today after you know who I am, you are coming. When he knew nothing about me, he stood by me. I will not leave Duryodhana and come.

In fact, who are you “Krishna” unspoken message “Rama”. Need to do a two hours program on Karna.  In fact, that if you have to think about the highest qualities, embodied form can ever have all those qualities is there in “Karna”. In spite of the fact, his “Karma” acted against him in every way. To be good and right when everything is going good and right anybody can. Nothing went right for him he remain good. Nothing went right for him he remain good. Is there any use for that? Is there any use in it? It is.

Lord himself participated in the process of his dying and I live my entire life right, I don’t die and reach “God”. For me to die itself, “God” has to come and participate in the process of my death. He brought “Krishna” to his feet and made “Krishna” stand next to him when he was ready to leave his body and that’s what you get as a reward of a life. Well lived.

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