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A Pledge For Holistic Abundance

As much as communication with the world outside, the quality of communication with your own self is equally important.  It is by the quality of communication we have with our own self, our conscious mind trains our subconscious mind to believe in something.  Prayer, in fact, is as much a communication from your conscious mind to your subconscious mind, as much as it is between you and your God.

You derive maximum benefit from this system of self-communication, also called autosuggestion (because the self is communicating to the self), by holding a given thought in your mental focus - by excluding all other thoughts, by repeating it in a relaxed state, constructing it with positive assertions, visualising it happening in your life as you verbalise, making it progressive, adding emotional content, and communicating in the present tense.

As much as communication with the world outside, the quality of communication with your own self is equally important. 

One such self-communication that can have a holistic impact on your life is, “Day by day, in every way, I am becoming, Most and more, healthy, wealthy, loving, blissful, spiritual...”

Day by day: Growth is an everyday affair and not a ‘once in a way’ affair.  Every today has to be better than yesterday and every tomorrow should be improved upon today.

In every way: Growth has to be multi-dimensional. Success in one role is no compensation to being a failure in another role.  It is not enough being a one-role wonder.  The focus is on being a holistic wonder.

I am becoming: Live with verbs and not nouns.  Instead of I love you - I am loving you, instead of I like growth - I am growing, instead of I have learnt - I am always learning, and instead of I have arrived - I keep arriving… life is flowing and so shall we.  Living has to be in present continuous…  So, I am becoming…

Most and more...: Contentment doesn’t mean I settle for less.  Contentment only means I will enjoy what I have, with no regrets or complaints.  Contentment doesn’t mean I shouldn’t desire the promotion; it only means, till I get the promotion, I will enjoy my existing posting with no regrets or complaints.  Existence is designed for abundance and not scarcity.  You draw abundance in all forms by being abundant-conscious.  Spell life as M.O.R.E.  You deserve more and more.

Healthy, Wealthy, Loving, Blissful, Spiritual: All that we need to achieve can only be achieved through this vehicle called body - so healthy; financial abundance in the hands of a good human being will build a better world - so wealthy; the emotional need is to love and to be loved - so loving; divinity waits at the door of a happy soul, and what’s not happiness cannot be god - so blissful; and man alone can self-realise the divinity within - so enlightened.  Only in fulfilling all these five needs the life of a man is complete.

So daily, find a quiet corner, isolate yourself from external disturbances, physically, mentally and emotionally stay relaxed, with visual images and emotional content, just repeat the self-communication suggested.

Trust me, everything about your life is about to change…

My resolve:
I will read and repeat this pledge everyday.  

Day by day,
in every way,
I am becoming Most and more...
Healthy, Wealthy, Loving, Blissful, Spiritual.


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