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Lessons From The Road

Even a simple phenomenon when viewed with heightened awareness can unfold new schools of learning.  Every moment, every encounter, every activity and every experience has within it an unspoken message.  There is something even in nothing and there is everything in something.  Moment after moment, live consciously.  Hear the unheard, see the unseen, feel the unfelt… unravel the unspoken.  Remember, you are an evolving consciousness.

No ends, only bends:  While driving on hilly terrain and through forest reserves, it often appears as though there is no road ahead, but we later find that the road only takes a bend and again there is more road for the eyes to see.  

Two unspoken messages:
One - how do you make it to the top?  The whole route map to the top may not be clear in the beginning, but go as far as you can see and when you go there, you will see further.  

Two - while facing tough times, remember that there are no ends in life, but only bends.  Bends are turning points disguised as tough times.  What so often appears to be the end actually turns out to be a new beginning.

Every moment, every encounter, every activity and every experience has within it an unspoken message.

It is not when; it is by when:  There are those who will drive faster than us.  Some will drive better vehicles than ours.  There may also be champion drivers.  Assuming all of us are driving from Point-A to Point-B, some will make it sooner than us and some will make it later than us, but all of us will reach Point-B.  It’s just that some of us will need little more effort and little more time.

Unspoken Message:  With reference to all our goals in life, the question is never ‘Will we reach it’, but only ‘By when will we reach it’.  What others may do in 3 years may take some of us 5 years.  So what - we will make it all the same.  All that is needed is consistent directed self-motivated effort.

U-turn: On the road, it does not matter whose mistake it is, but what matters is whose life it is.  The responsibility of both - not hitting and not being hit - is only yours.  On the road, you have to accept the limitations of the traffic and you have to manoeuvre your progress.  

Unspoken Message:  On the road called life, with all the traffic called relationships, you have to accept the differences and limitations of people and manoeuvre your progress.  In relationships too, it is not the question of whose mistake, but it is the question of whose life.  The road sign, ‘U-Turn’ keeps telling us that it doesn’t matter who is right and who is wrong. Blaming others is futile.  You cannot get your life right by convincing the world that it is wrong.  So, ‘You-turn’ instead of expecting the world to turn.  Instead of accepting yourself as you are and expecting the world to change, accept the world as it is and you start changing - at least, change your approach towards the world.

Let life be beautiful because of the world.  Let life be beautiful even in spite of the world.  You-turn.

Stop, Look & Proceed:  Anytime the rhythm of your life is disturbed, instead of continuing with the disturbance… Stop - take a break; Look - examine the cause for the loss in rhythm, make the necessary corrections and only then Proceed.  A series of professional decisions have been going wrong… maybe you need to unwind.  Stop, Look and Proceed.  Family life of late has been disharmonious… maybe a family holiday is needed.  Stop, Look and Proceed.  It is one of the greatest philosophies of life - whenever the rhythm of life is disturbed, Stop, Look and Proceed.

My Resolve
I cannot get my life right by
convincing myself that the world is wrong.
I will begin to accept the world as it is
and change my approach towards it.

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