Laughter, Happiness, Success | Expand Your Definition of Abundance


The first and foremost change that is required is, you have to expand the definition of abundance. Somehow deep inside for all of us, abundance just means money, just means being rich.

Expand the definition of abundance. Expand the definition of most and more. In a world that is forgetting to smile… Do you know? Now we no more know to smile.

We SMS a smiley! In fact, some of you look as if your lips have turned into some Velcro. Stuck. Zipped. Fevicol’ed. Won’t open.

So today you type, “ha, ha, ha”! Today you type “LOL”. In fact, before, I didn’t know all these things.

These things, I know. Your language, I don’t know! So, first time when somebody sent me, “LOL”, I thought he was bullying me, so I sent back a message: “Bow”! Because I have a German Shepherd. It does not bark “Lololol”, it barks “Bow bow bow”.

Then somebody explained, apparently it means “Laugh Out Loud”. Really strange… Listen! Laughter is going away.

There was a time, I used to walk past the streets and somehow, in every alternate house, you could listen to laughter from the family. Right now, you’re going, even laughter now, have you seen?

They put it inside the serial itself. So, every time one scene comes, inside the serial, people laugh. My son always tells me, “Father, you should watch Friends.

So, one day, I sat to watch. Before we laugh, they have already laughed! To pre-empt you, right now you should laugh! Don’t tell me we have come to a stage, where we need prompting for laughter.

And this is etiquette, to laugh like this. The moment somebody else tells, they’ll take one kerchief in their hand. If there is bad mouth you should do that.

To grow from a quarter-ugly etiquette smile, to a smile, to smile to laughter, to a belly laughter, to the point to learn to laugh to the point of tears.

To me that is also most and more. That is also most and more! Expand the definition! Expand the definition. We are not talking about accumulating most and more in life.

We are talking about living life most and more! Living life, king-size, queen-size. Of all the creation of God, man alone can laugh!

By design! No, laughing hyena is there. That is a dental alignment problem. Hyena cannot laugh, man alone can laugh.

And all of you, who are born as a human being and don’t laugh, to me you’re a laughing hyena, dental problem. Expand the definition of most and more.

Happiness flowering through you, emanating through you. In your presence, there must be happy vibrations around.

Happy morning, happy afternoon, happy evening, feeling on top of the world, flowing with life, celebrating life, masti, simply bindaas, cherishing, feeling so blessed, living life with life, that is most and more! Ability to appreciate life is most and more.

He is sitting on his hands, won’t ever clap. Economy of effort. Won’t appreciate, won’t easily… Somebody has to shift St. Thomas Mount from here to there, then only he will clap, otherwise he won’t.

Even if you don’t take anything else in this ninety minutes, take this. Success comes to those who know to celebrate the success of other people.

Take this! You cannot keep envying all the time. Oh, he’s coming up in life. Oh no, he has got a promotion. He has come up in life. You cannot come up in life.

That’s what I’m saying. You cannot keep despising the destination you want to reach and expect to reach there. No, it’s not possible. Your own transformation is one joy.

Seeing others getting transformed around you is a celebration. Celebration. Most and more in your attitude towards life.

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