Life Changing Video… Free Yourself!


Even one of you, not here, even in the webcast, even one of you understand this, today is your liberation, your rebirth to a peaceful life.

  1. The nature of human intelligence is, it has to classify and categorize everything. It’s the inherent nature, so a human being is never free from judgment or from being judged.
  1. This need to pass the judgment of the world is the single most reason that’s been robbing you of your peace, that’s been making you pretentious, that’s making you project to the world what you are not, that’s actually alienated you from yourself. This need to pass the judgment of everybody in the world, shakes your confidence even when you’re producing the results in life. Dents your self-image even when many people close to you think you’re amazing; because you want to pass that judgment of that one girl or this one guy or this one colleague of yours, it dents your self-image, it makes you feel low about yourself. It stops you from loving yourself. This very need to be famous, this very need for reputation, this very need for applause, will take the game to a level where you will no more know… You’re not original anymore. Everything is a drama and all this for what? A world that does not feel with you and judge you, a world that simply judges you and moves on… They’ll keep moving to the next judgement. His judgment of you is only till his intelligence can be entertained with another stimuli for the next judgment, it’ll judge the next and the next and go on.
  • People who have never touched a tennis racket have an opinion about Federer.
  • People who had only watched cricket have an opinion about Virat Kohli.
  • People who have never been a leader to even a team have an opinion about Narendra Modi.
  • And people who have not even lived up to be a proper human being have a judgment of God.

Nobody is exempted from it; nothing is exempted from it. I’m asking you this question, ‘What sort of a life will your life be if you have to base it on the judgment of the world?’ Such a dangerous line to shift from wanting to be successful to wanting to be famous. Very Dangerous line. It might turn you temporarily into a temporary liar and permanently turn you into a permanent liar in life. Just be careful.

And social media is doing that to all of you. How many people follow me on Instagram? How many people follow me in Facebook? How many people… How many people follow me is no more a Swamiji’s need or a political need. Social media has made this the need of every one of you, how many people will follow me.

Be true and win in life. You don’t have to do anything else. Trading yourself for anything in return is not worth it. You are the most precious thing in life, don’t give it away. Nothing is more precious than you. Don’t give it away and don’t give it away that easily. And don’t give it away for nothing; for a world that simply judges and moves on. And understand, the world’s judgment is born out of their background, their maturity, their knowledge. It has nothing to do with you.

It has nothing to do with you. In my eyes some of you are successful and some of you are not, based on what is my criteria. In somebody else’s judgment whom I’m seeing as successful is a failure. In some other criteria whom I see as a failure is a success. At some stage you have to gift this liberation by just understanding. And the easiest way to understand is for you to understand, your judgment does not define the world. Your judgment is your judgment. He is a very good person; doesn’t mean he is necessarily… for you he appears a good person or to you he is a good person.

Somebody is extraordinary in one role that doesn’t mean they’re necessarily… The more and more you understand, my judgment does not define the world then you will realize then the worlds’ judgment also does not define me. Then you’re not even bothered about your own shadow following. In fact, for the first time, you start living a true life.

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