Are You Good At Planning? | Mahatria Empowers Women – Part 1


I’m basically good at planning, but how do I leverage that, Mahatria? Can you help?

The thing about planning without an aspiration, ensure it gives you good todays in life. The thing called planning with aspiration; will ensure you have better tomorrows in life.

Woman is naturally good at planning. Naturally, nobody has to teach her. That is why you are able to manage so many things. But the issue is, with most women, there is no aspiration.

So, ensure you have a lot of good todays, and then another good today, and then another good today. So, it’s very important that you need to plan. But in the direction of what? And that is going to make all the difference.

Otherwise, it’ll all go in the management of today, management of today’s crisis, management of today’s situations. Given any situation to a woman, she’ll be able to manage.

Like just two evenings ago, I had a program with CII, and I was just telling them that, I was just reminding them of that question, which one of the infinitheist had asked.

One of those ladies, she raised her hand and I said, “Yeah, any questions?”, and she said, “Mahatria, I just want to know what is the use of having a good husband?”.

I said, “No, I don’t understand your question.”. She says, “No, what is actually the use of a good husband? Because anyhow, you have to still do everything. You have to only teach the children.

You have to only come home. You’ll have to only manage the kitchen. You’ll have to only manage the ego of his parents, which he says it’s between you and them, he doesn’t manage. And somewhere tomorrow, motor is not working.

Husband knows ISO:9000 consultant and all. But where local plumber will be there, he doesn’t know. I have to only go and find out the plumber and come.

Tomorrow, two people are not there, the servant maids don’t turn up. He knows HR consultant. Where to get a servant maid, he doesn’t know.

I have to only go and find everything. So, everything only I’m doing. So, what is the use of a good husband?”.Nice question, no? Have you ever thought about it?

So, I told her, “The only use of a good husband is, that problem is not there for you! Otherwise, that also you have to manage, at least that one thing, you don’t have to manage, everything you still have to manage!”.

So, she was saying about this. So today, tomorrow, motor does not work in your house, you know how to solve it. You know from where to get. Somehow, organizations struggle to replace a financial controller.

The way you can replace the driver, the servant maid, like that, this one goes, that one goes, and somebody else comes, you negotiate.

In fact, sometimes you negotiate with a servant maid so much, that servant maid says, “I’ll pay two thousand and work for you.”.

I know how you achieve this negotiation, but you manage to achieve that negotiation, and everything happens there.

Some of the vegetable vendors around your house, when he crosses your house, he quietly goes. Because, if you negotiate, he has to give below cost.

So, he quietly passes your house. From that side again starts selling his vegetables, in front of your house he does not make noise at all.

But a lot of your planning is in dealing with day-to-day challenges of life. You have to just go beyond that and plan your life in the direction of your aspirations.

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