Become the Inspiration

How to break the glass ceiling in a corporate, particularly if you are a woman? How to climb the professional ladder and win in this society, which at times is not fair to a woman? Through this relatable podcast Mahatria encourages women to become leaders and become an inspiration to others through many real-life examples including Kamala Harris (V P, U S A) and Indira Nooyi (former C E O, PepsiCo.).

Why you should listen to this audio?

When you do not get the result that you toiled for, it is not unusual for people to blame the world. At times when a woman goes through such a situation, she tends to blame the society and its attitude towards women. In this podcast Mahatria gives a direction to your thoughts and makes you responsible to your life.

Who should listen to this audio?

Every woman who feels that she is not getting what she deserves, should listen to this. ,
Every man who wishes to create a gender-neutral society for his daughters and his daughter's daughters to thrive and blossom without gender bias, should listen to this.

""For a beginning, look around for an inspiration, for an end become the inspiration. " "



How to bear with injustice that’s rendered to me because of gender bias?

Become a Kamala Harris. Reach a stage where you lead people of all gender rather than being a follower, where you are at the mercy of somebody else who has to extend justice to you.

Go into a leadership position. Become a Jayalalitha, become an Indira Nooyi, become a Kiran Bedi, become Shreya Ghoshal. Why are you at this level? At the mercy of all these things, set aspirations right now, not for your sake alone. Because if enough of you can go into leadership position, enough woman being in leadership position, will do so much more good to the world.

What an amazing leader, Sushma Swaraj was… and from that position they wished  so, somewhere aspire, you don’t have to live a life feeling victimized.

For a beginning, look around for an inspiration, for an end become the inspiration. When you one day lead people of all gender, one day you build your own business, your own organization, your own culture, your own society – a society that can be transcendental of the centuries of struggle, that we have had because of gender bias.

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