How to build a healthy Self-image?

If someone doesn’t have a good self-image, it can lead to an inferiority complex and may affect them for the rest of their life. The only way to improve self-image is to feel like you are achieving something. Even achieving small victories and feeling appreciated go a long way towards feeling good about yourself.

Why you should listen to this audio?

Listen to this podcast to understand how you can help someone who is suffering from an inferiority complex and to understand how to help them improve their self-image.

Who should listen to this audio?

If you have someone in your life who has a low self-image and you wish to help them, this video is for you. Someone who has a low self-image struggles with feeling inferior and therefore you have to help build their confidence and support them. Mahatria explains how to improve other's self-image in this podcast.

"The way to improve self-image is to feel like you are achieving something. Achieving small victories goes a long way towards feeling good about yourself. "



Some men in my life have poor self-image and I want to help them. Please let me know how can I help them, my Mahatria?

Let me first clarify this.

A woman had a complex about herself she did not think that she was good enough, she doesn’t think that she is good enough and she has grown up like this to be 22, 23, 24 she can still undergo a transformation in her life, and she will not need somebody else to service her self-image again and all.

She can live from feeling inferiority complex to becoming super confident…what that ‘jab we met’ dialogue ‘mey apna favorite hey!’.

She can live the rest of her life feeling, I am my own favorite and she will be able to do that. But in the man’s case once he has a dented self-image in his growing years when I say transformation is not possible, you have to keep on servicing him to make him feel good, for the rest of your life.

He cannot reach a stage where after this I have completely come out and somewhere somebody has to keep servicing him with a next encouragement, with a next appreciation, with the next acknowledgment and he goes through a period when it is not serviced again you will see that inferiority complex will show up again you will have to serve it.

So when I say you can bring about a lot of change in that transformation is that it doesn’t need servicing anymore, it doesn’t happen.

Now what do I do with a person who has a dented self-image? You have to keep giving him small victories, you have to help him to achieve small victories, small small victories.

For example, for somebody who thinks that after this age I cannot build muscles and you can just prod him a little, put him in hands of the right personal trainer and he has that right diet which will help him along with his work outs and somewhere he sees that oh even at this age his biceps has come down by another one inch or little sagging has come down, little definition, he feels good about it but this will service only this.

This doesn’t mean with this he can…that will service right.

Now you have to give him another small victory, another small victory… so if you are there in that sort of a relationship as a mother to a son or as a wife as to husband and you know that you have a man in your life whose self-image is not complete, you have to keep giving them small victories.

Set them small small goals, prod them a little, ask them to make…what is a goal, a promise I made to myself, I told myself I will achieve this.  A goal is just a self-promise.

So, urge him to create a few self-promises unto himself and let him pursue this entire thing, small victory…temporarily he will feel good about it. Then you have to give him another victory, then you have to give him another victory…, every time he feels this victory you will find a very beautiful person in that period.

Again, he goes into this period where he feels he is not winning, he is not achieving, he is not accomplishing, he will again see a lesser self…again you have to give the next victory.

So, you will have to…it’s like diabetes.  It’s all nice to say that it can be reversed, and I was diabetes and no more diabetes then they will secretly take medicines.

But the thing is… but can it be maintained at one level, so that you are not allowing further deterioration, a disease can be cured, a disorder cannot be cured, you have to maintain the disorder.

A diabetes is a disorder, it’s not a disease, it’s a disorder.  Something in your organ is not doing the job it should be doing, so if you can maintain it at a level where it does not deteriorate further…you have achieved this, so one thing that can be done with such men is that keep giving them those small victories and make them feel good as many times as possible and that will help you to carry them in life.

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