The Glory of Being Human

How you respond to a situation decides how wonderfully humane you are! Many play the victim card and complain about life even for day-to-day mundane things. To distract themselves from these depressive thoughts, they indulge in social media and TV. But does it raise them out of the negativity? Are they happy after that? Through this podcast Mahatria makes you aware of what a blessing it is to be born as a human being and encourages you to live life from a higher level of consciousness.

Why you should listen to this audio?

If you are in a complaining mood about your life, this podcast will show you what a blessing it is to be a human being and help you to live life with maturity.

Who should listen to this audio?

For all those habitual complainers about life, this podcast will give the necessary maturity to live a transformed life of happiness and fulfillment.

"The quality of your life is your responsibility."



This is the voice of Mahatria.  Welcome to discover a new you. Wishing you most and more. 

ometimes, I am thinking, what the Creator must be going through, to have created you as the greatest of all the creation, a human being. Filled you with so many capabilities and potential and possibilities.  Materialistically, you want to achieve, so much can be done. You want to uplift society, so much can be done. You want to evolve human consciousness to divine proportions. 

So much can be done. You want to purify yourself to the point where you become actually the Temple of God, so much can be done. You want to fill this world with happiness. So much can be done. 

You want to fill this world with love so much can be done. You want to add 100 more trees. Not simply planting. But taking care of them, watering them, fertilizing them, de-weeding them, and protecting them from cattle.  Five years if you can take care of 100 hundred trees; 100 trees; next 100 years, they will take care of the planet. Anything, anything!

And Life goes off. 4 hours in the IPL. One and a half hours in big boss. Money heist season four is coming. Netflix, Amazon Prime. 6-7 hours of screen time. I’m not even bothered about this. At the end of all that, you are a happy person, self-contented, complete, the solution to the world, at least not a problem to the world. Every human being has the right to live his life the way they want to live their life. But to be living in the negativity. In thoughts and negative emotions, cribbing and complaining. Look at half the question that comes. It’s not about I’m here, how can I go there? More than 50% of the questions are not my life here: How do I go there? More than 50 percent? 70% of the questions are about. Why are they like this? 

Why do they behave like this? How to deal with depression? How to deal with procrastination? 

How to come out of laziness? How to deal with it when I don’t feel motivated? I’m not able to implement it. 50-70% of all the questions and some of you may not be asking questions but honest introspection of your own life might reveal. Sometimes you’re not even thinking. I’m here, I’m not talking about achieving; can be achieving… but it’s not necessarily just living your life from a higher maturity. From a greater purpose. Living up to the glory of being a human being. 

nstead of the aspiration being, from here, how do I become a better version of myself? Most of this is, this is pulling me down. This is sucking me down. They are sucking me down. They are pulling me down. Lagta hai I’m going down going down. So how do I save myself from drowning even further? How do I save myself from stooping down even further? That seems to be the primary focus. Then people come and ask what is the purpose of human life? Many, many answers, but one of the simplest things I tell them is. Can you stop consuming the world for your happiness? For a start. Can you stop consuming the world? Can you stop telling the world all of you have to do a perfect drama for me to be happy like. 

Look at the level at which the level of immaturity with which people live their life. Weather changes they will become unhappy. Sun also problem rain also problem cold also problem sultry also problem, sweating also problem. 

Weather changes they will become unhappy.  Somewhere out there in the world, people who are earning crores and crores of rupees irrespective of whether they succeed shine or lose, whether they succeed or get defeated, whether they perform or don’t perform crores of rupees is being given. They win, they will still get 15 crores they lose, they will still get 15 crores and here you are.  Sacrificing your family time. Sacrificing your life. Sacrificing your happiness. Getting tensed, getting upset because. Some Mahendra Singh Dhoni out there in life is not doing what he’s supposed to do. He doesn’t have to do. He still gets paid. You get chest pain. You get an ulcer, your BP goes up, you secrete acids into your system. Your street gets disturbed. Entertainment for entertainment values only. You get so attached to it. People turn against each other, go to social media and read the rot. Mumbai Indians fans accusing CSK fans. CSK fans being sarcastic about KKR, KKR. We’re turning into enemies. Because we are supporting people who don’t even know you exist. 

In life itself, I’m saying you should not be gossiping. Organized gossip reality show. This is not about watching TV is wrong. I’m not bothered about what you do. If you are happy. You get upset, you get worried. You get tensed, you become, you develop hatred. And it’s a show on television. Every person who calls himself a supporter, a fan, a follower. Whether it is politics, whether it’s sports, whether it is entertainment. Every one of you who has been given celebrity status to other people should all know this. People whom you worship as demigods. People whom you feel that you love to tattoo them in your chest. People whose posters you’re sticking in the house. People for whom you pray all these so-called heroes. They don’t even know you exist. You are a non-entity to them, you’re crying. You’re losing your health. You’re giving up your sleep. You’re not having time for people who did. Mamma ke pass time nahi. To be with Mummy, time is not there, to play with the child, time is not there. To exercise time is not there,  to meditate time is not there,  to develop competence time is not there and yet to follow these people who don’t even know you exist. Three hours, 4 hours, 5 hours 6 hours. 

You’ll wake up to another morning and nothing about your life will change. They all will be millionaires. They will go back and have a beer. Crack some lousy jokes and go to sleep. 

Not even probably thinking over how they lost. And you must be fighting with your own wife arguing with your own children. Because you’re a fanatic of that hero, you’re a fanatic of this cricketer. 

You’re a fanatic of that tennis player? You’re a fanatic of this politician. And they don’t even know you exist. You’re a non-entity. You’re actually a spec of unwanted dust in their life. I’m actually glad there is a pandemic. Otherwise, few 1000 people from here would have spent their hard-earned money and gone all the way to Gulf to watch these matches and keep screaming in the stadium with their hard-earned money. 

Losing their business, staying away from their family and screaming wearing yellow and red, and blue and pink and purple and screaming there, and nobody knows you exist.  I dare to say.  Maybe none of you will do this to your children and none of your parents have done to you for over 25 years. Every Sunday morning they came. Not free.  At my own investment of time and money and infrastructure and technology. Sunday after Sunday after Sunday after Sunday, for 25 years? Not so that there will be an adulation of Mahatria,  but so that there can be a transformation of you Nenju Porukku thillaye, intha nirai ketta mandhirai ennum bothu nenju porukkuthillaye.  

I can empathize with the anger of Bharathy. I can totally empathize.  With the predicament of Bharathy 

To see the plight of people my heart cries. The poet says. What is it to be a human being? What it is to be you forget what it is to be a human being is a concept. What it is to be you. Arivilum arithu maanidanai pirappathu arithu.  The rarest of the rare blessings is that you have been given a human birth, and you’ve been given this human birth as this unique individual.  You are the only one of your kind. 

Then at least, I should not consume the world for my happiness.  At least I should not add unhappiness to the world. Or nothing like if I can be a source of happiness to the world because I exist, my family is happy because I exist my spouse is able to have a happy marriage; because I exist, my children are able to grow in a happy home because I exist I’m a matter of pride and celebration to my parents because I exist my friends can go and hit their chest and say, enakku avana theriyum. I know him. 

Because you exist, at least one person out there in life should feel as if they are once again in the maternal womb. Secure protected loved cared. But no matter what the situation is, the child will cry and run towards the mother.  Even when the child is being beaten by the mother, the child will only hold the leg of the mother and cry for being beaten because the child doesn’t realize the mother. 

At least the beauty of the child is. Mama, even if you beat me, you are my only security, so I’ll come back to you only.  

How will it be? There is at least one person in life rather than going on asking. Nobody loves me, how? Why nobody is loving me why they are not reciprocating love? Let’s stop begging from the road. You can either be a beggar or you can be a giver; only two alternatives. In any aspect of life, either I can beg or I can give. Why will I choose to be a beggar when I can be a giver? If I was an insect if I was one of those creepers who have to depend on a tree for my existence. Two sense, three sense creation I can understand. You get the greatest of all the creation. Then why choose to beg when we can live as… When we can live to give. So which means with a great sense of urgency…

It’s not about Infinitheism, It’s not about Mahatria. It’s not about Sunday morning live, it’s not about others. The spark has to come from inside. When an egg is hatched from outside life ceases. That’s the end of life. When the same egg hatches from within, a new life comes into existence. Is the beginning of a new life. Similarly, it’s not the question anything that comes from outside is only information. Whether it’s scripture or in discourse, or, whatever it is. It’s only information exchange because it’s still coming from outside. For transformation to happen, it has to come from within you. The spark has to get ignited from within you Andhar Se . Someday in the past, or maybe today. This minute Isi Waq. Maybe someday in the future, and I hope it’s not someday in the future. 

You should feel that churn. From within you, that jerk from within you. And tell yourself. I’m not going to squander this opportunity. I will not let go of this chance. I am going to make the most of it. Live up to the glory of this human life. Once you decide that I want to live up to this glory of this human life. By raising your maturity levels several notches Similar situations… A crowd is there and the way you respond to that situation must be from a different level of maturity compared to the rest of the crowd. Alag Dhikna Chahiye. Thaniya Theriyanum. Not because of the makeup, not because of the size, not because of the ego, not because of the status.  The sheer maturity with which you respond to any situation in life. Alag Dhikna Chahiye. Thaniya Theriyanum. How everybody responds or reacts to a situation and how you choose to respond to a situation, any situation.  

A power cut. a mosquito, A coronavirus, a traffic jam, an argument. Your favorite hero’s movie failing. 

Somebody being nasty. Lunch is not ready at the time at which you wanted it to be. You could not sleep last night. You feel the leaders of the country are not leading the country in the right direction. Your colleague is troubling you. Your boss has favoritism and you turned out to be not one of his favorites. 

The subject seems to be very, very difficult, not able to cope up with online learning. Day-to-day issues, day-to-day circumstances. All of us face all this on a daily basis. And the way you choose to respond to each of these must be so different. 

When the whole world is responding to the situation at this level you should be responding at this level. Not for. Self-glorification. But for the glorification of the human being, that you are. Nothing should make you happy. Everything should make you happy. You should need nothing to be happy. Aise hi. Should be able to sit for some time. Either the beauty of the weather. Or the recognition that you are a human being. Or just recalling one past memory, an old joke. Or to know that you are a significant speck of dust in this universe. A very significant speck of dust in this universe. Kuch Bhi.  Nothing is there… because you have been gifted with this smile; of all the creations of God man alone can smile. Just to know that of all the creation, man alone can smile and let me give it a smile. But for nothing you should be happy. Everything you should be. To be able to raise myself to that level where I’m able to love all and able to love all the time. To transform myself from being a beggar to a giver.  To shift from there there there to . 

It’s not about them, it’s not. Let me decide what to do with my life. My life is my responsibility. The quality of a painting is a painter’s responsibility. The quality of a statue, sculptor’s responsibility, the quality of your life is your responsibility. Enough, I’m really hoping that the world will paint the right strokes in my life. Tell the world. Give me the brush. Bahuth ho gaya. Give me the brush. From here onwards I will do the painting myself. And to add some beautiful colors to the canvas called life.


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