The Right Time is Now

What makes a ‘limited-time offer’ interesting? The limitation of time, isn’t? We rush to make the best of such offers. In that sense your life, your friend’s life... everybody’s life is a ‘limited-time offer’! If you get to know how many days you are left with to live, would you waste your time on unimportant things or would you choose to do things that really matter to you? Mahatria in this podcast creates an urgency and accountability in the listener to act right now, to make life worthwhile.

Why you should listen to this audio?

Thinking that we are eternal, makes us postpone important things in life. If you know that you have only ‘x’ years of life, you would not waste time but invest it on the most important things in life. Mahatria figuratively gives a number to an average human life in this podcast which will propel you into action life time

Who should listen to this audio?

Every habitual procrastinator, anyone who wants to make his or her life count would immensely benefit out of this podcast.

"Where is the time to procrastinate? Where is the time to say later? Where is the time to say tomorrow? Where is the time to say, ‘I will do it once I settle down in life?’"



This is the voice of “Mahatria“. Welcome to discover a new you. Wishing you most and more.

Let us assume that the age average of people are watching this is 30 and the average age in which an Indian dies is 70, which means on an average we are left with about 40 years of life. One third of this life will go in sleep, which means takeaway 13-years of your life, you’re left with 27 years.

Another one third of this life will go in work, takeaway another 13-years, you’re left with 14 years of life. The day-to-day activities of your morning chores, your morning activities, newspaper reading and then the morning at work, coffee, tea, business lunch, evening high tea, dinner, just the daily chores that must be done on a daily basis, from bathing to brushing to eating to eliminating will take away 4-hours every day, that takes away another 7-years of your life that leaves another 7-years.

Any city dweller travels for at least one hour every day, on an average. And anybody who lives an urban life entertains himself through television, through internet, through various forms of media at least for one hour.

I know it’s much more than that but I’m just taking the bare minimum, which means two hours per day we’ll go off in travel and in entertainment that takes away another 4-years of your life. And all that leaves you is with three years of life, 1095 days.

Assuming the age average is 30 of all my viewers and assuming the average age is 70 then you’ll kick the bucket and then an average of 40 years that is left in between. We are talking in terms of 1095 days left to live, 1095 days left to die. And I have not added routines like spiritual practices and exercise and other things because I don’t have time to add all this.

If I actually go by actuals because I know most of you may not sleep for eight hours, it may be six hours, seven hours, but I also know most of you don’t work for just eight hours it must be 10 hours, 11 hours to 12 hours. Many of you your entertainment time will not be one hour a day, it’s much more than that.

And some of you in those busy metropolitans where traffic is always a struggle, you don’t travel for just one hour a day. If I put in all the actuals then some of you should have died yesterday.

So, to ensure there’s some context of life to understand to put the perspective across, not even going by actuals, which means just beyond the daily chores of life of sleeping and working and eating and travelling and entertaining, we are left with just 1095 days left to live, 1090 days left to die.

So, much needs to be done. Where is the time to procrastinate? Where is the time to say later? Where is the time to say tomorrow? Where is the time to say, I will do it once I settled down in life? There’s no time to settle down. The time is now. The day is today.

If we have to begin, we have to begin right now. If only I have an opportunity by which I can meet you one-to-one, I will hold your hands into my hands, look in the eyes and this is what I will tell you, Hey, we don’t have much time left.  Lot of people tell you so much to be done and only little time left. I’m telling you so much to be done and no time left.

I hear people saying, I just indulge in certain activities to pass my time, to kill my time. Time is killing you, where you can kill time? You get wasted in life if you don’t use your time. Something must be done purposefully. Something must be done significantly.

A sense of urgency, a sense of passion, a sense of purpose, a sense of obsession to make your life count has to come. Our birth might have been insignificant maybe the world did not even notice our birth.

Of all the creations of “God”, man alone has been bestowed upon this capability where we can create a legacy, we can leave a legacy. We can plant some tree out there in the world which will outlive us. We can sponsor the education of some child out there in the world much after we are gone, the child will continue to live the life benefited out of the life that we lived.

We can build an industry and create employment to people. We can wipe the tears of the world. We can make the world laugh. We can make the world smile. In some way we can put our life in purpose in such a way that in the way we lift ourselves, we are able to lift this world in turn. We are going to make our life count.

You do something significant with your life between now and your last breath still you shall die. You do nothing significant with your life between now and your last breath still you die. Dust-unto-dust, ash-unto-ash this body shall go. And before it goes, let’s do something very significant.

Let the way we live our life be so significant that we add value to this life and thereby add value to the death. Glorious death is achieved by living a glorious life and glorious life is created by creating glorious days in your life. Make every day count, in turn you will make your life count and then life will be significant.

Your birth date that date is already written, dash. Finally, when you go, your death date will be written. And these two things are not in our control. Birth was not your choice, death will not be your choice and what happens between these two terminals of birth and death is absolutely your choice and that’s the dash.

How are you going to fill this dash? These two “God” decides. What we do inside in between this dash is about you and about me, about us. And what are you going to fill into this dash? What are you going to do before you go? Ask this question, what can I do with my life? What should I do with my life? What will I do with my life? That much after I’m gone centuries later, at least decades later, at least a year later.

The world should continue to benefit out of the life that I have lived and cherished the life that they live and it’s all a result and  effect of the life that I have lived. So, much can be done, that your servant maid children not become servant maids in life. Let your driver’s children not become drivers in life.

Maybe you lived in a barren street, live behind a few trees in the street and go. Maybe you have known certain deprivations in life, raise your life to that level where the world does not get to see this the deprivations.

I remember the day I did this calculation for the first time and the next day morning there was a small argument between me and my wife. I just threw my arms around her shoulders, got her to sit next to me, did the entire calculation to her, created a bottom line of 1095 days left to live, left or die.

Looked at her and said, we don’t have enough time even to live. We don’t have even enough time to love. Where’s the time to fight? We don’t have enough time to live our life purposefully, where’s the time to waste? “Sucharitha” let us make every day of our life count, loving each other, there’s no time to fight.

And today this is my call to each one of you for all the things that the world has done to you and knowing that 1095 days left to live, left to die. Can we pledge today? Just as a gratitude to the investment of these 52 thoughts that has happened in our lives, can we pledge today?

One, in every way, even if I cannot be a source of happiness to the world, I will not be a source of disturbance to the world. If possible, use every day of your life to be a celebration to the world, even if you can’t. Please don’t be a source of disturbance to the world.

Can we pledge today? In every possible way, I’ll make this world smile and laugh and celebrate. I’ll be a source of happiness to those world. In case you can’t, at least will you ensure that you’re not a source of tears to the world. If possible, wipe every tears in the world, do not cause tears in the world.

Enough we have consumed from life. Can we pledged today that we will be a contributor in return to this life? Do something. Plant a tree and take care of a tree and leave it behind to the world and go. Invest and mentor a child and make a child a world class citizen and go but do something about it.

Together, let’s pledge, this 1095 days in our life we will make it count, we will create our legacy and together let’s build a new world. I pledged. Are you ready to pledge? Loving you so much. Thank you.

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