Arun Kumar Natha



How can we live life with ‘Life’? We are living in a busy and fast world.  There is so much we want to do at the fastest time possible.  With the advent of technology usable in everyday life, it has gotten even more complex.  We are able to do almost everything on the move through …

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Waste of time

Waste of time

Can learning become pointless? When I was in my 8th grade (around 30 years ago), my focus was only on two things – studying and playing.  I was in bliss as it was going great without much worry about anything else.  That’s when my dad advised me to go for typewriting classes as it would …

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Minimize spillage with a Funnel…  Try this one For a painter, there are options of thousands of colours to choose to begin his painting.  Even before he begins his first stroke, he needs to go through the array of colours to pick up his choice.  Imagine that he is overwhelmed with so many colours that …

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One love

Do we know what love is?  Love enriches our lives… During my teenage years, I did not understand what love is all about.  First of all, I never heard this word in my house.  The first time I heard the word ‘love’, it was in movies that I was very fond of watching.  Almost every …

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