Employment or Entrepreneurship?

Many people who are dissatisfied with their employment dream to be an entrepreneur someday, in the future! The question all of them have is, ‘When should I quit my job and start a new business?’ They keep postponing the decision so much that the question itself becomes irrelevant. Mahatria in this podcast gives a clear methodology with which one can decide to either take the plunge or to remain in employment.

Why you should listen to this audio?

Being in employment gives security; being an entrepreneur makes you a leader. But there are risks involved in being an entrepreneur. This podcast will give you a definitive solution on whether you can be an entrepreneur or should you continue in employment.

Who should listen to this audio?

This podcast is for people who are in employment toying with this dream to be an entrepreneur one day!

"You have to have the courage to take the plunge!"



This is the voice of Mahatria. Welcome to discover a new you. Wishing you most and more. 

 Ajit Sanklecha says that,  I’m in the stage of starting my own business, but I find it difficult in this transition as a family member, I want to continue working in my existing job? 

 I think almost everybody who has told me this and that. Especially from I will continue to work; simultaneously, I will start a business, once my business establishes themselves, then I’ll give up the job. None of those fellows have ever started in life. 

 You have to have the courage to take a plunge.  You can be a diffident beginner in business. In fact, if starting a business is challenging then you are not understanding the challenges you will face in developing a business and running a business. It’s going to be a lot more challenging. 

So if you don’t even have the courage to take the plunge, how will you have the resilience for sustenance? 

 You have to take the plunge, yeah, you tell me that I’m a family member and there are financial commitments. That is how you have to take a decision.  Ask yourself.  How much revenue will you require to run your family for two years without depending on your income from business? 

From now onwards in the career in which you are, plan your savings, plan your investments, plan your funds, discipline your expenses and create that economic backup for two years. 

I would have told a few years ago one year, but I think the environment is a lot more competitive right now. Some of you only when you plunge into the business, we plunge into the business based on what we know in plunging into the business we come to know what we don’t know. 

 So somewhere the challenges come after the plunge. So two years must be a safe period, because if you cannot hit break even in a business in two years time, I think somewhere you were never supposed to be a businessman. So take this plunge. And let this two years reserve run the family. It’s not that you might take two years, but it takes away the financial burden that you carry and thereby gives you that scope to take that plunge. 

 Now the question is,  if I have to create a two year economic backup for my family where they can continue to have the existing standard of life, independent of what I can earn for the next 24 months; how much time will you require to create that balance? You think it’s four years? 

Then for four years, develop leadership strategical business competence within you. Continue to be in a job. Don’t keep oscillating four years focus on your career. Four years focus on your job. Be the best that you can be. Get as much promotions as you can earn as much as you can. Create the financial, who knows, instead of four years it can happen in three years and once having created that back up, take a daring plunge. If you’re not able to take a daring plunge where you are able to give up everything and plunge into the business, I don’t think you are a businessman!

 Most and more times have begun. 

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