How to Overcome Anger

Anger is an emotional poison. When you are angry, your body secretes acid which can be harmful to you. Become aware of the futility of anger and learn to overcome this useless emotion. Regardless of why you are angry, learn to manage your anger. Recognize that anger is a harmful emotion.

Why you should listen to this audio?

Listen to this podcast to understand the harmful repercussions of a seemingly harmless emotional response; getting angry. Angry people cannot be peaceful and anger destroys the happiness of everybody around. Anger is nothing but an emotional poison and you should know how to overcome anger.

Who should listen to this audio?

Anger is an emotion that can be very destructive to you. It is a useless emotion that can agitate you and does not resolve anything. It is very important to be aware of your anger response and to choose a more peaceful path.

"Angry people are not peaceful because there is no happy way to be angry"


There is this other question that is come from Malaysia.  She is asking how to overcome anger?

 You overcome anger by understanding, anger causes more destruction to you than anybody else. If, I give you regularly a dose of poison and ask you to consume it, will you consume it? 

Why not? Because you know it slowly will destroy you, small doses.  

Similarly, anger is emotional poison. In every moment you become angry, physiologically you begin to secrete acid within your own body. An acid destroys the vessel which contains it. Which means, much before your anger can produce any result in the world outside, it has already started secreting acids in your own body self destroying you.

That is why not only angry people are not peaceful people because there is no happy way to be angry. But angry people are never healthy people. Because consistently this toxic accumulation in the system of acid getting secreted keeps happening.

So, the more and more you become aware, look at the futility of anger it destroys you. Two, because what you communicated is communicated in a tone of anger, the world’s somehow except accusing you, you shout for everything. Do not take the essence of what you’re communicating.

May be what you’re saying angrily is right. May be you’re right. May be the other is wrong. May be angrily, what you’re communicating is valid.  Maybe it’ll make a lot of difference to others if they take the message. 

But, because the way it has come, see if I fire an arrow at you and it comes and pierces your heart; just because it is made out of gold will you say thank you so much that you fired an arrow at me but it’s made of gold and very happy? 

How does it make a difference. If it hurts, it hurts. Whether it’s made out of steel or whether it’s made out of gold or it’s made out of iron, if it hurts, it hurts.  Nobody will anymore analyse the material with which the arrow is made. And so is anger.

When you shout and scream at somebody, maybe your message has a lot of validity to it, but the way it is delivered what you have delivered will be ignored. So, if what you’re saying is anyhow and while occasional anger can probably empower the environment around; people who regularly get angry after some time the world gets used to your anger. 

Your anger does not even cause disturbance to the world.  In fact, the world has programmed itself to believe that you will shout, that’s it.  In fact, anger, which probably occasionally when released was your strength. By repeatedly releasing it,  has now become your weakness. 

The more and more you become aware of the futility of anger that it serves no purpose, automatically it will drop. When you realize what I’m giving you is poison is there anything in your system which will volunteer to have it?, The more, not intellectually, not because Mahatria has explained this to you. When you experientially realize, anger is nothing more than emotional poison.  It will begin to drop off on its own accord. 

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