Most of us are happy when everything around us is favourable to us. When faced with unfavorable situations, unhappiness shows its ugly face. Happiness and peace is not a permanent state, yet in us.
Is it possible to be happy and peaceful at all times, in all situations? Mahatria reveals a secret to be happy all the time here in this Q and A.

Why you should read this article:

Are you happy at times or are you happy all the time? Is your life punctuated with happiness or are you happy always? Do you wish to make happiness and peace your permanent state? Then this Q and A is for you.

Who should read this article:

Disturbance, negativity, unhappiness, worry, stress - if your life is dominated by these emotions, then this Q and A is for you.


I am happy at times.  Sometimes I am peaceful, not always.  I aspire to be peaceful and happy all the time.  Is it possible?

The secret of life is to make a temporary high, permanent.

Once I heard, “If I have to ask ‘why me’ for all my troubles, then shouldn’t I also be asking ‘why me’ for all my blessings.  If the focus is on the shadow, then you are missing the sunshine.  Either you are seeing the stars or the mud.  No denying the thorns, but don’t miss the roses.”

Ever since, I have only counted my blessings and with that strength faced my troubles.  In fact, ever since, even troubles seem to be the doors to what eventually turns out to be a blessing.  I can’t expect somebody to keep on reminding me, every time I face a trouble, ‘Hey, your life is a blessing.”

I do need a force outside of me to cause the realisation.  But then, it is up to me to either let the realisation pass by me as a fleeting ‘Wow!’ moment or live an ‘ever since transformed life’ based on that realisation.

Christ and Krishna cannot keep on keeping up with us.  Messengers come once.  Messages have to live through us always.

The secret is to make a once-realisation, an always-realisation.

For thirty longs years, ask me to do anything, identify me for any responsibility, ask me why I haven’t done something, and my communication will always begin like this: “Because I have asthma problems…”  One day in my thirtieth year, with the intervention of a caring soul, I began to work on my health for the first time.

And in about 90 days, from a bodily perspective, I felt the way I have never felt before.  For the first time I understood what it is to feel healthy.  For the first time I knew what it is to be the master of your own body.  And, ever since…

I need the world to show me the way.  But then, it is up to me to either trespass through that way just once or make it the path of my life.  The higher would call me once, “Come.”  Now it is up to me to keep going…  The Master would call out once, “Charaiveti Charaiveti (Keep moving, keep moving on) …”  And now it is up to me to keep moving and to keep on moving beyond the imaginary finishing line…

The secret is to transform the ‘start’ into an ‘ever since’ moment in life.

‘Once’ is life’s responsibility.  To make it ‘Always’ is man’s responsibility.

It is possible.

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