One parenting tip to groom competency in children

Does academic excellence guarantee success in their professional life? Not always! So where is the gap? How should the future generation be parented? ‘Jack of all, master of none!’ is an old saying. ‘Jack of all, Master of One!’ is the slogan of the new world. Mahatria in this podcast, explains the importance of providing exposure to children in multiple areas which will aid them later to become an expert in one field - horizontal exposure and vertical expertise. Developing ‘Multiple intelligence’ through horizontal exposure will help everyone, children or adults, to progress in life.

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All things - the qualifications, skills and experience - remaining the same, how a few alone get noticed more than others? What is the edge they have over others? ‘Multiple Intelligence!’ - Mahatria explains various ways of developing Multiple intelligence in you and your children.

Who should listen to this audio?

Parents of growing children, Youth who want to progress in life, and everybody else who wants to keep their learning curve on...

"We are no longer talking in terms of ‘Jack of all trades, master of none’,
but we are talking interms of a new future that will be ‘Jack of all, master of One'."



This is the voice of “Mahatria“. Welcome to discover a new you. Wishing you the most and more.

We live in a world of expertise. We live in a world of specialization. We live in a world where more and more people are converging towards knowing more and more about less and less which is what expertise is all about. But with so much focus on expertise, are we missing out on something? And I think so. Yesterday’s world focused a lot on horizontal exposure but lack the vertical expertise. Then we have gone through a generation where the focus has been so much on vertical expertise, we have missed out on horizontal exposure. I truly believe, the future will belong to a generation which has horizontal exposure and vertical expertise. It is really important that while our children will eventually grow into a field of vertical expertise, we create the base for them by creating horizontal exposure. What we traditionally call as extracurricular activities. The necessity is to develop the next generation in multiple intelligence.

In fact, even men of today if you have to be ready enough to face the tomorrow, it is important you bring that horizontal exposure into your life which of course should culminate and express itself through vertical expertise. So, we are no more talking in terms of “jack of all trades and master of none”, but we are talking in terms of a new future which will be “jack of all master of one ” and that is going to be the cutting edge into the future. So, I really believe part of your parenting, your children must be encouraged to play a team sport. Not necessarily because they have to become champion in the team sport, but so that they gain that horizontal exposure because life is going to be a never ending journey with teams. Family is a team, corporate is a team, playing a sport is a team, a project is a team, and children have to get exposed on how we can coexist in spite of differences and focus on a common objective and this cannot be taught by books. They have to be given that horizontal exposure for them to understand, because if they don’t become team personalities and I’ve seen marriages fall apart, joint families disintegrate, people becoming a nuisance to the department in which they are posted, organizational department heads not able to co-relate with the other department heads and creating a lot of organizational politics and all of a certain effect of in the growing years you were never exposed to how to function as a team. And the same time I think children should be encouraged into some activity which demands individual brilliance. It can be oratory skills, it can be an individual sport, it can be an introverted sport. Because out there in life, end of the day we have to understand, while we can blame everybody else for our failure or credit everybody else for our success, finally, your successes is your success, your life’s journey is your life journey and you have to become accountable to your own performances. Blaming does not help in life. And this self reliance is developed only in those who in their growing years were exposed to activities where individual brilliance, individual performance was demanded.

Get them exposed to arts. One of the greatest human faculties of that creativity, the ability to innovate, the ability to imagine, the ability to be futuristic to think into the unknown, never get shaped in an individual unless the artistic intelligence in an individual is developed. So, get them involved in some form of performing arts can be singing, dancing, painting, creative writing, not that they have to become something in life, but let that part of their personality always be shaped and groomed. And like this, rather than just creating a bookworm, when you create individual avenues of horizontal exposure, you develop the multiple intelligence of a child. And more than required research confirms, the children who have developed themselves in a multiple intelligence but focused in expressing themselves on one of their specialized intelligence, basically, horizontal exposure with vertical expertise, accomplish a lot more with their life with lot more emotional stability then those who are always groomed as one role wonders. Explains why not necessarily the class topper is always the best performer out there in the corporate world. Not necessarily the gold medallist in academics is necessarily the most successful entrepreneurs out there in the world. Most importantly to explains why?

So, many backbenchers during the schooling years and college years do not remain backbenchers in life, they make it to the top. Because that horizontal exposure that they expose themselves to the growing years of their life and now expressing themselves through some vertical expertise as an entrepreneur, as a professional gives them that cutting edge over others who come with enormous vertical expertise but do not have the stability of horizontal exposure. This is not only about parenting, that is why you will find in great Corporate’s, when management trainees are taken, they are straightaway not assigned a department in which they need to specialize, they are made to work in various departments in the organization for a period of time. So, that a horizontal exposure to the functionality of the entire organization is created. And having exposed them to the horizontal exposure of all the personalities, different functionalities, different necessities of an organization and then they are finally posted into one department in which now they can groom their vertical expertise.

Whatever you find even in sports. Though he is a cricketer. During the break, he is made to swim, he is made to play volleyball, he is asked to play football. Because somewhere in expanding the horizontal exposure of that individual, the vertical expression you are going to find in a sport of specialization is going to be far, far greater.

So, even as grown up individuals, I think you should challenge yourself consistently a phrase that I hold very close to my heart, “when is the last time you did something for the first time?” “When is the last time you did something for the first time?” Have you never been to a discotic  ? I think you should go through that exposure for exposure sake. You have never gone for a movie alone. I think you should go through that exposure for exposure sake. You have never attempted to write a poetry. You don’t have to write the poetry for the world to read it but you should attempt, exposure for exposure sake. You’ve never attempted cooking, you should attempt cooking, exposure for exposure sake. You have never driven a bike, you should learn and you should drive though you have the cars to drive, purely for exposure for exposure sake.  You’re scared of taking some of the amusement rides. Hold your life. Say your prayers. Anchor yourself to faith but go through those rides. Purely exposure for exposure sake. Has never done a painting in your life buy a canvas, buy some colors. Even if it’s going to be just a painting of the traditional two mountains with one sun and lake in the front and two coconut trees on the sides, it’s okay, but you should attempt your hand on painting. You have never sang in life. Learn a song and sing even if it is that you will only sing in your own bathroom. It’s okay, but you should attempt. You’ve never danced in life even if it’s inside your own living room and bedroom. Play some choices music and dance once in a way, even as an adult.

Now go and join a class to learn an instrument. Now go and join a class to improve your handwriting. It’s never late to commit yourself to learn a new language. By doing all these things, you’re just creating the context by which you create horizontal exposure and the more and more you create the horizontal exposure, the more and more you’ll find you shine bright in your vertical expertise. Keep answering this question. When is the last time I did something for the first time and you’ll find that you create that horizontal exposure and shine bright through your vertical expertise.

Wishing you most and more horizontally and vertically in your life.

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