Who is a Guru?

Spirituality - the journey in itself is so very exciting that one seeking leads to the other so seamlessly. It is a scientific wonderment. A technology that has no unit measurement. While materialistic progress, to some extent is possible, by your own intelligent effort, energy and capabilities, spiritual progress needs a spiritual technology to act as a connection between you and the revelations of life. In this podcast Mahatria scientifically explains who that connect is...

Why you should listen to this audio?

One should listen to this podcast simply because this is a one stop explanation about the role of a GURU ( A philosophical teacher) in one’s life. It is also an opportunity to realise how blessed you are if you have already found that steering guide in your life.

Who should listen to this audio?

Any one with relentless seeking towards the higher realities of life, towards a direction in the pathway of spirituality and every person with a question - Do I really need someone in life to guide me in my spiritual progress?

"Spirituality is not a mere concept, but it is something that can be applied to your day-to-day life."



This is the voice of “Mahatria“. Welcome to discover a new you. Wishing you most and more.

Human eye is capable of only seeing from this bandwidth to this bandwidth of wavelength. The naked eyes of a human being cannot even perceive the infrared or the ultra violet though they exist but they are beyond the bandwidth of the naked eyes. So, they cannot perceive it. So, for example, the purpose of using a microscope to absorb those microorganisms is basically a technology where, at one end of the microscope it is able to perceive micro organisms from a bandwidth which is beyond the perception of human eyes and transform it at the other end of the microscope and give it within the bandwidth of visual perception and that is why through the microscope we are able to observe those microorganisms. Similarly, the human ears can perceive from this bandwidth to this bandwidth of decibels. There are sounds below certain decibels and there are sounds above certain decibels but human ears cannot perceive any sound beyond the bandwidth of decibels it is capable of perceiving.

For example, right now, the radio waves that exist carrying the transmission of some radio station is not perceived by human ears. So, we use a technology let us say a world space, let us say a transistor and the purpose of this technology is to receive those radio waves from a wavelength which is beyond the perception of human ears and transform that through technology and through the speakers given output within the decibels that can be perceived by human ears.

So, whether it is a microscope or the transistor there is something which is beyond the perception of human eyes, human ears and this when it is transformed through a technology and presented within the bandwidth of perception, we are able to perceive it, so we are able to see forms which naked eyes cannot see and we are able to listen to sound which our ears by themselves will not be able to hear.

Similarly, in the path of your spiritual progress, the existential vibrations, the manifestation of the divine is available at one end. At the other end is the world of devotees, the world of seekers, who seek these vibrations, who seek this existential grace, which can carry them in life, which can carry them through life. But like how human eyes can only perceive from this bandwidth to this bandwidth or human ears have its own limitation on the bandwidth of its perception, a seeker, a devotee by himself hasn’t yet evolved himself into that state of consciousness by which you are able to perceive, receive, inherit, in by those existential vibrations, those divine grace.

That technology which is able to receive that existential vibrations, that existential grace from one end and transform it into receptive ways at the other end where the seeker, the devotee can receive it, that spiritual technology is what we call as Guru. “GURU”. Basically Guru is, a transformation technology, a TT, receiving those existential vibrations, receiving that existential grace, understanding those spiritual laws of life, understanding that existential order and transforming it in ways by which the seekers at the other end, the devotees at the other end, the disciples at the other end are able to receive it through their connect by acting as a medium between you at one end and he at the other end and that connecting medium is what we call as a Guru.

So, ask me, is it really necessary to have that spiritual connect, that spiritual source, that source of faith, that object of surrender through which I can enhance my spiritual alignment, cause my spiritual growth, enable that spiritual development to happen in my life? The answer is an absolute, yes. While materialistic progress, to some extent is possible, by yourself, by your own intelligence, by your own energy, by your own capabilities, spiritual progress and spiritual unfoldment definitely needs that spiritual connect, that spiritual technology you called as guru, who is able to act as a medium between where you are and what is and enable this bridge to happen to perceive those revelations of life of those existential laws, of that existential order and presented to you in a way where you can apply it in your day-to-day life, where you can apply it on the day-to-day things that you face in your life. So, that spirituality does not remain a mere concept, but something that can be applied on your day-to-day life. So, there’s no question about it.

And one of the reasons we need to salute this tradition is it is this culture that gave us this concept of a Guru by saying, you get connected to a spiritual source who in turn is always connected to an existential source and like how an interpreter is required, when you know one language and you need to communicate to somebody else who is from a different language and you need an interpreter who understands the language of this as well as you and thereby act as a medium for communication to happen.

We definitely need a spiritual source who understands the silence of existence and is able to communicate to you in a language with words in a way that you can understand progressively, little-by-little, he is able to lead you higher, he is able to lead you deeper, he is able to lead you beyond and he eventually  he is able to lead you unto the. So, that you can dissolve from that world of noise, from the world of thoughts, from the world of chattering, from that world of impurity, from that world of split, by dissolving into the medium who is dissolved into that existential source is able to lead you step-by-step,  infant step by infant step, and then boyhood step by boyhood step, girlhood step by girlhood step, and then into those giant leaps of adult steps, so that eventually you’re able to experience that spiritual alignment, that spiritual growth, that spiritual progress.

So, one of the greatest gifts you can give to yourself in the path of your spiritual seeking, in the path of your spiritual devotion is to find a source to which you can surrender, to find a source that can be your object of faith, to find the source in whose presence you can hand yourself over and complete trust and stay dissolved for that higher to carry you through. I’ll put it this way, if you can find a Guru whom you can always carry in your heart, be sure about it, that Guru will be able to carry you through life not only by building a spiritual fence around you that protects you always, but also ensures that the very source to which you seek to connect, thee you will be led unto thee.

So, find a spiritual source that you can trust. Find a spiritual source to which you can surrender. Find a spiritual source with which you can dissolve and surrender yourself seeking lead me higher, lead me deeper, lead me beyond, lead me to thee, and that is how your life will not only have that competitive edge, but will also have that completion of a seeker dissolving into the sort through a medium called Guru. A true seekers prayer can only be this. “Thank you God for showing me my Guru, and thank you my Guru for showing me my God”.

Let me wish you that you find that spiritual source in your life that will lead you to thee.

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