Emotional Maturity

Detached Attachment

Detached Attachment

What’s the difference between relating with our loved ones and outsiders? I was travelling in a train.  Normally, during such journeys if I don’t find anyone sitting around to befriend, I would start reading some book or listening to some music.  But, if I find someone around, I would volunteer to talk to them.  In …

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How can we invite it in all aspects of our life? Harmony is a universal word – a universal state of affairs – that keeps the world moving and the planets including the earth in their orbit.  The very survival of human kind is dependent on the balance maintained by cosmic harmony. Nature is the …

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One love

Do we know what love is?  Love enriches our lives… During my teenage years, I did not understand what love is all about.  First of all, I never heard this word in my house.  The first time I heard the word ‘love’, it was in movies that I was very fond of watching.  Almost every …

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Mercedes-Benz Or truck

What propels our actions and choices?  If we can figure that out, we could be better people. The roads were packed, so was her tummy – not with food but with a baby.  A seven-month pregnant girl loaded with happiness was driving home from her yoga class. At one of the traffic signals on a …

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