Golden Opportunities

A tutorial to draw gold into your life… We often hear statements such as: grab the opportunity, seize the opportunity or window of opportunity.  These phrases give us the impression as though opportunity is an object out there in the physical world for us to take hold of.  But there are no opportunities out there, …

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Grow but not age.

Grow but not Age

Putting days into life is ageing.  Putting life into days is growing.  Let us grow and not age. The hardest aspect of getting older is accepting the bodily changes that Mother Nature dishes out during your 40’s, 50’s, 60’s and beyond.  Ageing is a simple fact of life.  Most people do not appreciate ageing like …

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Wish list…

Here is a wish list for 2020! 5,4,3,2,1… and the calendar turns yet again. The Chinese lanterns float into the new skies. There are screams and shouts, hoots and pouts – all over as everyone tries to make the most of the moment. I am watching the entire circus, feeling several emotions.  Excited, yes!  Happy, …

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exercise- Triple e solution

Triple ‘E’ solution

Here is a solution to make one’s mind healthy! Mind doesn’t stay in the same state all the time; that is, it’s nature. Mind keeps fluctuating to different states effortlessly. In fact, keeping the mind in single state needs enormous effort. Buddha said, “If you can stay with the breath for 7 minutes without disruption, …

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Lets Celebrate - celebration

Let’s Celebrate

Is there a link between celebration and health? Read on to understand. The dawn of 2020, like any New Year, will certainly propel people to take New Year resolutions such as losing weight, quitting smoking or chewing tobacco/paan, overcoming laziness and so on… Sometimes, certain occasions or events create in us a desire or a …

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