Likes and dislikes

Likes and dislikes

How to go beyond this? Guavas are like coffee: They fill the air with their heavenly smell and announce their presence. Their overwhelming aroma draws the ardent connoisseur from all directions and makes him crazy with their addictive taste.  Come August, I don’t miss eating the delicious green guavas that are available in abundance in …

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Is only God invisible

Is God only Invisible?

Sometimes His creations too are invisible, isn’t? Today morning was totally different from my regular morning hours.  Last night I decided to sleep early and wake up earlier than usual to avoid unnecessary stress while I got ready to office.  I was all set to leave home half an hour ahead of my scheduled departure …

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moment Magical Mantra

Magical mantra

Can we sit still, in the moment, and be aware of everything that is happening within and without?   Everything in this world and what the world has become today is a direct effect of this magic mantra called ‘Observe and Absorb’ gifted by Mahatria to this world. Scientists practice this mantra every day.  They …

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