How to handle objections in sales?

A swimming aspirant cannot shy away from water; while in selling there will be objections from the buyer and that is unavoidable. Every prospect you speak to has sales objections or reasons they're hesitant to buy your product. It is quite normal. Now the question is how should you address the objections? Mahatria in this podcast explains how to deal with the objections of a buyer.

Why you should listen to this audio?

Selling happens when the subtle ego war between the buyer and the seller gets balanced. So it is an art. This podcast will help you to refine your art of selling.

Who should listen to this audio?

Every aspiring salesman will benefit from this podcast.

"Sometimes in order to make the buyer’s ego feel good, you don't address an objection."



This is the voice of Mahatria. Welcome to discover a new you. Wishing you most and more… 

In selling you’re always taught. You don’t have to handle all the objections. It’s not because you had an answer to all the objections. Finally, the deal will go through. That you are able to address some of the key objections is more than enough for the deal to go through. In fact, when you try to justify every objection, you’re only creating a mindset in the prospect. 

You are argumentative; it in fact hurts the ego of a prospect. Anything he says, but I have a problem with your delivery schedule. You give an answer, but aren’t you priced a little high? You give an answer. But I heard from the market your quality is not necessarily… you give an answer. In his mind, he has already decided you’re not a very honest person. You’re just argumentative in nature. You justify everything, even if your answers are the truth. 

Because it’s not about… we’re not discussing truth here in negotiation, we’re discussing ego. It’s ego warfare that’s going on. So sometimes in order to make his ego feel good, you don’t address an objection. For sometimes you give in to an objection. Yeah, we have heard from a few other people also that our prices are high, but that’s one thing we can’t do anything about. And then you address the other objections and here, his ego has not been annihilated completely. 

So you don’t have to have an answer to every question. You don’t have to clarify every objection. When he starts liking certain things about my product, this one objection he has about this product, he will overlook and buy it. So, in selling you do not address all the objections, but you know that when the number of pluses he feels about our product or service is higher than a few minuses, he feels about a product or service. The deal will still go through. 

If I ignore the objection and again, the prospects ask for an objection… That is your way of knowing that, this objection, if it’s not handled the deal, will not go through because this is a dominant objection. So sometimes when I have ignored the objection, but the prospect comes back to the same objection, then this is a dominant objection in mind. Without handling this, this deal will not go through. It must be addressed. But there are times that he never comes back to that objection.

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