Mahatria’s Funny Experience In a Seeker’s Place


I don’t visit homes anymore, but at that stage I had gone to her house. They had moved into the house, and she had arranged for a satsang inside her house.

Question-answer session and all. So, then finally the time to eat had come. And they made me sit there. They had arranged for one special chair, special covers, a red cloth on the top…

And all, so it was exclusively, it was too grand for somebody to eat. And I went and sat there. They brought one plate. All those things that the cows eat, all that. Sprout. Okay, raw carrot and all they had kept.

And that too… Almost like sample, no? Cookie Man all if you go, he’ll give you one small biscuit sample, like that. They gave. I got shocked upon seeing it. But it was only Varsha, it was okay.

There was this whole crowd there. So, in front of them, I had to take one carrot. In fact, it took me so much effort to, grow from being a man to higher consciousness.

And I again felt that I became a herbivore. I in fact felt, rather than eating like this, directly going to the plate would be better. That’s how that arrangement was.

I thought okay, for a start. Next item. One plate came, one single orange peel. OK. One slice of mango. See, we all eat it like…

If we suck the pulp down to the seed only, we get the feel of eating a mango!

One single mango, neatly arranged. They’d already asked all the questions and I answered.

Otherwise I’d have told them, “No question-answer session today, for this food.”. First, they took whatever they want, benefit. Now they’re giving me this. I couldn’t stand that suppression.

So, I looked at her and asked her, “What do you people eat?”. “You eat this?” “No Mahatria, for us we have done biriyani.” “Then bring the biriyani! Bring biriyani right now.”

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