Mahatria’s Funny Take On Imperfections


The entire spice of marriage is the imperfection sitting there. Every day if the coffee tastes the same, it is Saravana Bhavan coffee or Cafe Coffee Day coffee. Anywhere in the world you go and order for a coffee from CCD, and it tastes the same. You don’t know how it’ll taste; it’s called home! One day it will be extraordinary, one day it will be horrible. One day it will be, “Where you bought this coffee from?”. And that is what is the excitement!

In fact, I told my wife one day, “I don’t want this cook anymore.”. She asked, “Why, he is not cooking well?”. I said, “He is cooking too perfect! I’m almost able to predict the taste!” And when you can predict the taste, it’s no good! Once in a way, salt should not be there, once in a way, chilli should be too much. One day, coffee should be cold. One day, you should ask for curd, and buttermilk should come. Then you know it is home! Otherwise, it’s a hotel! “Yes sir, what do you want?” “What do you have?” “Anything, sir.” “Then bring Mysore masala dosa.” “That alone is not there, sir.”, he will say. Then I always give the menu card back and tell him, “Now tell me what is there?”.

But that is what you want? Just visualize all of you sitting here. Let us say, through this program, both of you become perfect. No, it won’t happen. I trust my program a little. I trust Him a little more. I trust you completely! Just because of the program, it’s not that all those of you came here thinking that, the one you came with will become so perfect, and you go back. You will learn how to deal with imperfection. That transformation will happen. Imperfection won’t become perfect. That doesn’t happen.

But you want that! Just visualize the scenario of any one of you sitting here, in a marriage like this. You come and ring the doorbell, and she opens with one standard smile. She goes inside the kitchen and you call her, “Listen!”. Behold, she comes! “What do you want?” Just visualize a scenario like this. You’re very upset and very angry and you’re shouting, and the other one, with Buddhist tolerance, listens to you saying that, Hmm Hmmm, “You’re finished? Can I go? OK.”. Just visualize a marriage like that for you! Thursday evening means confirmed sex. In fact, you don’t want Thursday! You’ll work overtime. Now, you don’t know when what will happen. Just visualize.

In fact, a life that is so predictable, and a behaviour so predictable, you will feel you are in a marriage with a statue! Right now, the whole excitement and spice in the whole thing is, you expected he will not come for this program, but he said yes. Ever since, you have been having uneasiness in your stomach. And there are a lot of them who believed he will come, but they have not come. And this is what the whole excitement of the whole relationship is. One day you come ten minutes late, ceiling comes down, hell breaks loose. And you thought, why such a big fuss about ten minutes?

And next day you come one hour late, expecting dramatic things to happen. Nothing happens. Then you know its home! Otherwise it’s not home. So somewhere, imperfection is there in parents, imperfection is there in your spouse. Imperfection will be there in your brothers and sisters. Imperfection is the very design of life. Imperfections striving towards perfection, is the very design of life. Otherwise, there’ll be no growth. That’s how the whole design is done!


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