Mahatria’s Message On Mother’s Day


The moment I say Mother’s Day, the first thought that comes to everybody is, now I love to do something for my mother. Small change in plans. And because this Mother’s Day like this, everybody will celebrate this, what they all have to celebrate. They don’t have any other opportunity. This is what they have to celebrate. But for us there’s a small change in plan. I want Vinit to celebrate Abisha next Mother’s Day, because Abisha is the mother of your child.

I want Krishnaraj to celebrate next Mother’s Day by celebrating Gita. Because Gita is the mother of what Krishnaraj considers as his life. I want every husband to – because we somehow when we think Mother’s Day, we forget the wife. Not realizing your fatherhood is because of her motherhood. We only think about that oldie in the house. Now, I want a new direction to it because a lot of us the privileges that you enjoy as your fatherhood, you’re enjoying it because the women of your life have carried all the responsibilities.

I don’t think Kavya has most of the accomplishments that she has, if Kavita has not been doing what she is doing for Kavya. So, I want Gopal to celebrate Kavita the mother of his child next Mother’s Day. All wives put up your demands next week. Paraman is so proud of his twin children. See, always school day function, awards function father will come receive the cup, but for this one year they had to go to some classes know, that was always done by a mother.

I want Sanjeev to celebrate Neetu for all the ways that he thinks his life is complete because of Ananya his daughter. So, the theme for this Mother’s Day for “infinitheist” whatever you want to celebrate your mother you celebrate. But very importantly next Sunday, the theme for all the “infinitheist” is you will celebrate the mother of your children in whatever way of expressing your life is not experiencing the completeness that you are experiencing.

Prapanna that little girl has become that big girl doing all those things in life giving you that infinite pride. Because there is a Radhika, who shouldered all those responsibilities that she has. So, this Mother’s Day, apart from celebrating whatever else will be celebrated, Prapanna will celebrate Radhika as the mother of your ages. So, this Mother’s Day, very clear, every husband is going to celebrate his fatherhood by recognizing the motherhood that has travelled along with you in this journey and that’ll be the theme of this Mother’s Day for all the “infinitheist”. Have you got it? Otherwise, I’ll remind you next week. Okay.  Love you so much.

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