Minimum Effort, Maximum Results


The moment you call something as science, it’s about cause-and-effect relationship.

Science itself is about cause-and-effect. If this is the effect, what is the cause?
If I want that effect, what should be the cause?
If I have to remove this effect, what cause should I to remove?
If we have to change the effect, what cause should I change?
Apple is falling down is the effect. What is the cause?

I go into a bathtub; the entire water is displacing itself. What is the cause? He found the cause; we know him as Archimedes. He found the cause for apple falling down, we know him as Isaac Newton.

What is the cause? Everything in science is cause-and-effect relationship. And the science called Rigveda says, as long as your intelligence is working on the effect, maximum effort will only give minimum results in your life.

So as long as I live my life, where maximum effort is only giving me minimum results in life, there’s only so much I can achieve in life.

Because I’m a laborer. Inefficient. What is maximum effort giving minimum results mean? Inefficiency, labor. I’m laboring in life.

For labor, only so much success is possible. On the contrary, if you can direct your intelligence, to focus on what is causing this effect.

And direct my entire intelligence towards the cause, minimum effort will produce maximum results.

Too elite an audience to give this as an example, but suppose I find the room is warm, and in order to cool myself, I turn my own mouth into a fan.

Or take the kerchief and keep on wiping the sweat, maximum effort, producing minimum results, because five minutes later again I will sweat.

Five minutes later, I’ll again feel sultry. Again, I’ll have to blow. Instead, if I can just adjust the AC’s temperature… minimum effort, maximum results.

Classic example that we always give is this, especially in a forum like this. You sit like this… you’re comfortable. Very comfortable.

Because there’s no strain on the muscles anymore, it has just let your entire skeleton drop. Absolutely no strain on the muscles.

But the design of the body says, when you load your bones, they get weaker. When you load your muscles, they get stronger. That’s the science behind weight training. The more you strain your muscles, the stronger it becomes.

The more you strain your bones, the weaker it becomes. So, when I’m like this, there is no effort on the muscles, so there is no energy expenditure. So, I feel very, very comfortable.

But in the entire two hours of infinipath, I feel comfortable. Here, you will sit like this. Those of them who are sitting in Sathyam or in their house, their position is slightly different.

Slouch. Very comfortable. You can keep on watching the entire infinipath. Everything, even this we do so that, this muscle can rest for some time. If it’s like this, both the muscles have to work.

This allows one of your muscles to rest for some time. So, any of these position that I take, I feel very relaxed. But for two hours, what is happening is, my bone is being loaded.

So, when the infinipath gets over, when you’ll have to get up, your entire bone… one, your muscle has been resting, so it has gone to sleep.

It has to be woken up only now. That’s why you get cramps and that is why, for many of you when you get up, you have to first become hippopotamus.

They will edit this separately and post it on YouTube. What I mentioned before and after won’t come. And somebody will watch this in YouTube and say, “He has become old!”.

On the contrary, if I sit straight, it’s not comfortable. The entire time I’m… Because, to sit straight, my muscles have to work.

They have to hold the entire spinal system erect. It’s working. Even if I’m resting on the backrest, But I’m ensuring that there is as much as possible, a right angle there.

I am sitting there; my muscles are working all the time. You don’t feel comfortable, but you become stronger.

Because I’m loading the muscles, and when muscles are stronger, they don’t allow the entire stress to go to the bone. They’re protecting the bones.

In fact, that’s why muscles are designed, to protect your bones, and it protects. Cause-and-effect. And the effect I’m looking at, what makes me comfortable.

Cause is telling me, don’t look at what is making you comfortable, do what is right. The choice is not what is easy. The choice is what is right. Work on the cause.

Minimum effort, maximum results, it’s called efficiency. So, when I live an efficient life, the scope for me to produce more results is much. Everything is about cause-and-effect.

And what is maturity? Maturity is, in any situation, me wanting to go and look at the cause and not the effect. Maturity is, not getting stuck on the effect. Looking into the cause.

And the more… Why is the attention span shrinking? Look at the cause. Okay. Now that I know the attention span in the world is shrinking, how do I still ensure that they remain empowered, in a shrinking attention span. How do I do it? You work on the cause.

Why is the market moving away from my product or service? What do I do? Work on the cause. Why is that, at fourteen and fifteen, the tone of my child the way…

Why is somebody crying? You work on the cause. So, either you live an inefficient life.

Either you labor through life, either you continue to live a life where maximum effort is giving you minimum results.

Or you evolve yourself to a stage where your natural thinking itself becomes… what is the cause behind this effect?

That is scientist in thinking, you don’t have to be a scientist. You can be a commerce student. You can be a chartered accountant.

But the thinking has to become, what is the cause behind this effect? This is being scientist in your thinking. That needs fine-tuning, that needs correction, that I need to work upon.

Then you’ll not run for every issue in life with complaints, then you will not run for every issue in life with helplessness. You just create those quiet moments.

Sit there, have a coffee in hand, or a tea in hand. You’re expecting beer from me, no. Because that won’t enhance thinking, it will dull thinking. Coffee or tea only. Mahatria, I don’t drink both. Holy water.

And just let your mind wander for a few minutes. This is happening, or this has a pattern.

What is the pattern behind this? What must be the cause behind this effect? So, what if I change in the cause, it’ll change the effect?

Minimum effort producing maximum results. Initially, it’ll be an effort, eventually it’ll become your nature. You will never be on the effect, in any given situation, the intelligence will automatically go to the cause.

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