New World of Faith


The “God” who created you and me did not create one person with more potential and another person with less potential. Existential glory is all of us were created as equals. Human glory lies in ensuring we don’t die as equals. And how much we achieve and accomplish in life depends on how much faith you have in your own potential. So, it is not potential, it’s your faith in potential. It’s not about intelligence, it’s the faith you have in your intelligence. It’s not about whether she is an extraordinary wife or he’s an extraordinary husband.

It is your faith in each other’s love that creates a great marriage. You can be blessed with the most beautiful soul as your wife. You can be gifted with the most extraordinary hearted man as your husband and yet if both of you don’t have faith in each other’s love, you cannot build a great relationship. It’s not possible. It’s not my message that will transform you. It is your faith in my message that will transform you. So, eventually what works and what does not work completely depends on faith.

So, that one quality which turns blind possibilities into real is faith, including “God”. In fact, the more and more I think about it, the more and more I realized, your “God” itself is only as powerful as your faith in god is. Your “God” is weak because your faith in your “God” is weak. Her “God” is very powerful, because her faith in her “God” is total. Which means if your “God” has to become powerful; your faith has to become powerful. With partial faith.

Trying, Bhagwan, do this to me. God if you are not there… In fact, you have second hand “Gods”, third hand “Gods”, backup, replacement. In fact, there this is a communication in common society. One new temple has come, and that “God” is very powerful. So, everybody shifts there. Latest operating system. You all have to shift. So, there is always a latest “God”. Think about it. Those of you who are outstanding in selling in top performer beyond all your selling abilities and selling skills, what makes you an outstanding performer?

Your faith in your products and services. If you believe what you deliver is the best, you will be the best performer. But if you yourself feel. Who will sell this? And who will buy this product, you will never be able to sell. So, everything is about faith. So, somehow last year on 11/11/11 we decided, if we can build a world beyond everything, a world of faith, by basically understand teaching the world faith is important and what is not. Faith is important.

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