One Thought Can Change The World


Having come from a system where, we were always told it’ll take ten years, fifteen years, twenty years, twenty-five years, for everything that we have to do.

Having come from a system where we are expecting to become the Vice President by the time, we are forty-five or fifty, because that is the time it takes in a multi-national corporate ladder to achieve.

We’re not expecting breakthroughs. We’re not expecting magic to happen in our life, not expecting that, I will come with one idea, the by-product of which is a billion dollars. Just an idea, and a business model around it.

I’ll come up with something which will solve one of the problem in the world, will no more be a problem because of my product, my solution, my innovation, my this thing.

Something in this world will be solved forever, with one breakthrough that I’ll come up with, and it has to happen in my life.

This is how it has happened to everybody. Mahatria, do you think I have it in you? So, I’m asking you this question!

If a teacher who thought she could not become the head of the department, can do what Mother Teresa eventually did. If a barrister who did not know how to be successful in India, ran away to South Africa to be a success.

A history of humanity can never be written to eternity without referring to Mahatma Gandhi, if that can be done.

Facebook! Go to YouTube and search for that… Town hall meeting in Delhi by Mark Zuckerberg. You should watch that video, because in that video, he says he wanted to stay in touch with his friends.

So, he had built, because he had this technological understanding, he had built a platform through which all his friends can stay in touch with him even after they leave the university.

And in the canteen of the university, Mark Zuckerberg is suggesting to his friends, “I wish somebody can take this, and build a platform like that where the entire world can connect with each other.”.

Not somebody, Mark Zuckerberg himself is telling his friends, “I have built a platform by which all of us as friends, even after we leave the university, can stay in touch.

Inspired by this idea, if somebody can build a platform by which, the whole world can stay in touch with each other, irrespective of geography.”.

Even now, nothing has happened. One of his friends says, “Why can’t you do it?”. It never occurred to him that I can do it.

It never occurred to him. Till that moment he is thinking, like how all of us think, somebody will change the world. It never occurs to us; I can change the world! It never occurred to him.

One of his friend told him, “You’ve already done a platform to connect all of us no? Why can’t this become the platform that will connect the world?”. One of them suggested to it.

The world has never been the same again. In that one thought, with somebody asked him, “Why can’t you do it?”. Everything changed. It always happens in a moment.

And for it to happen to you, one, you have to be dissatisfied. Be happy, but not satisfied. You have to be dissatisfied. There has to be that positive restlessness within you, that churning has to be there in you.

You should never lose that. And you have to expect something that is life-changing, something that is world-changing.

Something that is history-making, which is only a thought, one thought only. And you have to believe that thought will occur to you. And you’ll own that thought.

Thought will occur to you; I have no doubts. You’ve to own that thought.

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