Overcome Your Weaknesses


The beauty of a human being is, that you can always learn. A cheetah is born to a nature, it lives within that nature and it dies to that nature. A eagle is born to a nature, it lives within that nature, it dies to the nature. All these animals, till they attain their physical adulthood, they can learn. After that, they cannot learn. Not the case with a human being. At this age, you can make this decision, rather than living there, you’ve been living in… your father shifted to Chennai.

Then you started a business here. For two generations, you have been in Chennai. You were born in Chennai and brought up for last thirty-two years in Chennai. And thirty-two years later, you’re still saying “I can’t speak Tamil.”. Why won’t it come? It should come! One sentence if you learn per week, in fifty-two weeks, you’ll be speaking fifty-two sentences. And it’s not difficult for any one of us to learn one sentence, per week, in any language! I know only a little Hindi. Tiger is alive.

In fact, the number of times you’ve told in your life, I don’t know Hindi, if you have learnt one one sentence that many times. By end of the year, you can speak fifty-two sentences! The time we invest in justifying our weakness, if that time we can invest to overcome our weakness, we can overcome weaknesses. My back problem, since five years, your back is in the back of your mind. In the five years, you have invested only fifteen minutes to yoga on a daily basis, you’ll be doing shirasasana right now.

The amount of time we are investing to justify our weaknesses, if that time is invested to cultivate strength, you know what sort of transformation we can achieve? A Sanskrit professor so beautifully from Vivekananda College would say, “Instead of going for two hours of Sanskrit class every Saturday Sunday, every day invest ten minutes on Sanskrit. By the end of the year, you would have progressed lot more in Sanskrit that way.”. This is true with anything!

I have always been interested in learning to sing, but I never learnt singing properly. If you learn singing properly, it’ll help your neighbors also. Because the way you sing, they close their windows right now. You don’t have to become a big singer. Learn three songs in one year’s time, identify, go and find a teacher where to your voice, to your range… Three songs are identified, and just learn; by end of the year at least three songs in your life, you’ll be able to sing properly.

And I’m telling you, the way you’re going to feel when you can sing three songs properly is, the beauty about a human being is, in twenty-five hours of investment… we can develop a new proficiency. You don’t know swimming. You’re fifty-two. You start now. Twenty-five hours later, you will be swimming. Your handwriting is not good. The world has never found the difference between your signature and handwriting, both look same, twenty-five hours if you can invest on anybody who can improve your handwriting.

Twenty-five hours later, you’ll be writing well, and it’ll do a lot of good to the world. Twenty-five hours from now, Hindi, Tamil, pronunciation in English, Arabic, Kannada, Marathi, I don’t care what it is. Twenty-five hours if you can invest. You will be speaking a little more of that language, rather than living the rest of your life saying, “I do not know.”. I go to a party, everybody dances, I’m feeling very bad. No, twenty-five hours you invest, and you will realize most of the people in… See, if you have to dance like them.

It takes a lifetime. If you have to dance, like, how in parties we dance. We have to keep doing like this. Twenty-five hours is too much for that actually. Just few moves you will have to learn. That’s all. Nothing is there. Hold each other and do this. That’s all. They’ll all dance on their own. Not only you’ll dance. Twenty-five hours you have to go and learn dancing somewhere and you will be dancing. I’m not saying you can become a master in twenty-five hours, but you can get started in any proficiency.

The beauty about being a human being is, from here to proficiency, you need to invest only twenty-five hours, twenty-five hours distributed over a period of time. When twenty-five hours is invested over the next three months’ time. You’ll find sizable progress. Can that be one of my, go-up goals in life. I give up here. I go up there. A step here, a step there, little by little, when every human being, every individual sitting here, is not just flowing with life. The way life is taking them, but is able to take control over their life, is able to take the reins of their life and say, “This is how I’m going to live… my life.”

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