Parents Fighting Worry You? Watch This


It is difficult but when parents completely stop fighting, no, they will not fight. You fight between siblings. I’m sure you and your brother fight. Okay. Now your mother has got married and come, so she can’t fight with the mother she’s fighting with father. Somebody is required to fight. Otherwise life because very boring. Just imagine everything perfect in the family, everything perfect. Papa is always nice, Mummy is always beautiful and walking, full time he shares everything with you, even before you ask. Monika, take it. And you keep telling her, no, no, no. You take it. Okay. Perfect family.

Before you come to dining table, food is already ready there. Everyday favourite food. They ask you, what you want? Okay. What you want in, side-dish? Everything is perfect there. You’ll leave your bed sheet like that, you’ll leave your pillows like that, when you come back, all perfect. Everything is where they are. You just come to wear the shoes; shoes are ready perfect there. In fact, every now and then God also comes out and says I am very happy, and he goes back there into that picture there. Perfect setting. Everything.  Then it’s not home, it’s called a hotel. All this happens in hotel.

The moment you get down from the car, that big Moochwala, he opens the door, Good morning, sir. Whether you like it or not everybody will say. The moment you go, Welcome sir. From within he is not feeling welcome, but it’s part of his job. You go to the reception there and those people are standing with a broad smile. How can I help you, sir? Or you are there in an aircraft where an airhostess is paid 40,000 bucks to smile at each one of you and say, please come. In fact, I’m telling you Monica next three weeks there is no fight in the family.

No argument in the family. Everybody shares, everybody smiles, fun, dance and other things you’ll actually tell Mummy and Papa, I want to go to the hostel. I don’t like this house. Home means full-fledged movie. Some romantic scenes, sometimes, some big fight, sometimes. Some boring moments sometimes. Everything will be there. That’s what a family is all about and that’s what it will be. There are no two individuals who will not fight.

In fact, if there are two individuals who are not fighting, they are two statues in the house. That is the only way it will happen. Human beings — there will be disagreement. You will not respect good times if you have not seen bad times, it’s part of the family. Now, if I was Monica, how I will be concerned to the whole thing is, I’ve seen mummy, papa? right through.  Your mummy, papa also you seems right through, my mummy papa also have seen right through. I want my own mummy, papa to my children. I have seen that also.

All husband and wives how much ever they fight today, shamelessly tomorrow they’ll laugh at each other. I’ll put it this way. Family is not like the playoffs and the finals were, once you lose, you are knocked out. Family is like those league matches. Even if I lose today, tomorrow there is another match. It’s just a league. Just because mummy, papa were having a great time today and all of you had a great time today, you still don’t know what will happen. In fact, in a family we can’t even say, today’s scenario.

We can only say present scenario, after two minutes, what will trigger what? I think you should understand fight making-up after a fight. Love, after love fight. Speaking about Telugu movies, they always say one song, one fight, that means after every song one fight will be there, after every fight one song will come. That’s what it’s a Telugu movie. So, once you understand that I know during the fight you cannot focus on studies. Don’t take it too personal. Tomorrow everything will be normal.


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