What Is a Relationship


First find out whether there is respect for woman potential. Two, find out if there is compatibility of values. Most relationships, whether it is recruitment of senior people into an organization, or marriage, or partners coming together to build a business, most relationships that fall apart, fall apart eventually because there is conflict of values. So, you have to find out if there is compatibility of values.

And if you don’t find compatibility of values, I think that’s a much bigger bone of contention, then finding out whether “Kundali” matches or not, whether horoscope matches or not, whether stars match or not, whether height matches or not, whether size matches or not, values have to match, rest are details, looks will fade away with time. Poor can become rich and rich can become poor after one decision. Economic status can change with time. A family with great reputation can lose its reputation and the family without reputation can become the most reputed family.

It’s only a question of how you relate to the society over a period of time. All this can be changed. But deep inside his DNA, he or his family has no respect for womanhood or woman potential, and there’s conflict in values and values don’t change because you had a couple of conversations and evenings together. He doesn’t think this way, he doesn’t think this way and he will not think for the rest of his life this way. Examine this and then comes all the details. Correct this. This is futuristic.

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