Relevance of Celebrating Guru Purnima | Part 2 of 5 – Who is a Guru?


Teachers responsibility does not end by transferring what you know to others. A teacher’s responsibility begins by transferring what you know to others and now you need to monitor to see that knowledge has turned into realities. So, “Veda Vyasa” was observing in unfolding the Vedas to the world, has the world embrace this book of knowledge in the ways of life and thereby have they grown? But he had a very profound realization. He realized, an intellectual gathering the insights of another intellectual and compiling a book and giving to the world, you have still not necessarily given it to the world in a way the world can understand.

A genius understands a genius without much explanation, but a common man needs an explanation to the idea of the genius otherwise he doesn’t understand. He understood there is a difference between two creeds of people, one is a genius. A genius understands what a genius understands. And then he believed a new creed is required. The creed of what in our tradition we call as Guru. But since it’s a very scandalized word, Guru means some scandal must be there. Guru means some issue, womanizing, trust, cult, something must be there. It’s a very scandalized word.

So, let me simply use the word teacher. It has a much broader perspective to the whole thing. He realize there is another creed that the world requires, a teacher. And according to “Veda Vyasa” who was a teacher, a teacher is one who is able to understand what a genius understands and presented to the world in a way the world can understand. Not give it at the level at which you understand but give it at the level at which everybody can understand, and he believed a new creed is required to build a new society. A creed called teachers.

So, he himself realized, presenting the Vedas as Vedas to the world may not create the understanding the intended. Because Rishi’s were operating in a very different plane and their insights were in different plane. To apply that, you need to be a Rishi, but the common man is not a Rishi. So, it has to be presented to him in a way he can understand. So, he decided the world understand stories, compiled the entire “Mahabharata” in a story format, build in those entire characters, created interest in the subject to the “Mahabharata”, brought in a culminating point to the whole thing.

“Arjuna” representing ignorance, common man, saying that, all I know I know, but why I am not able to apply it in real life. I feel like running away and created a character called “Krishna” representing knowledge. Clarifying to ignorance, what you have to do to apply what you know in real life situation and thereby does not create a ” Kshatriya”, but transforms a ” Kshatriya” to implement what he knows. In fact, in entire 18 chapters “Krishna” does not discuss a single sentence on war. The entire “Bhagavad Gita” is only the need to apply what you know in real life situation. What needs to be done?

What you need to know so that you will be able to apply what you know in a real-life situation. Transformation of creating “Arjuna” into a warrior was done by “Drona”. Making “Arjuna” live as a warrior was done by “Krishna”. Everything can give you information, but eventually the responsibility of a teacher is, one, to take knowledge from a genius and give it in a way everybody understands. Two, by transferring that to the world, your responsibility does not end, it begins. You need to monitor to find out that they are able to translate these processes into results.

And it is not about improving his memory on conceptual understanding, but to ensure that they are able to practice what they learn in real life situation is when the teacher in you is complete and to explain that “Veda Vyasa” presented the wisdom that is there in Vedas through a story called “Mahabharata”, through a question-answer-session in your modern language FAQs, Frequently Asked Questions, and presented a model called “Bhagavad Gita” and presented it to the world. And from there began a lineage called, “Guru’s”.

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