Relevance of Celebrating Guru Purnima | Part 3 of 5 – Not to an individual…


The responsibility of this new lineage that began with “Veda Vyasa” called “Gurus”, was to take what is and present it to the world the way that they will be able to absorb it. And provide the necessary support from motivation, from energy, from vibrations, from guidance, from bringing them back to track when they lose their track and see them through the finishing line was the responsibility of this new lineage that began. A new generation was created, which was told, you do not lift yourself for your sake, you lift yourself so that you can lift others.

You gain to give. You don’t gain to keep. You gain to give. And to mark, the day from which this new lineage, a new creed called Gurus, came into existence is why we celebrate “Guru Purnima”. But there’s one difference. Unlike a “Krishna Jayanti”, which is celebrated for a Krishna, unlike “Ram Navami” which is celebrated for a “Rama”, unlike “Christmas” which a celebration of a “Jesus Christ”. Guru Purnima is not in celebration of “Veda Vyasa”. “Guru Purnima” is in celebration of a fraternity called Gurus who somehow dispelled the darkness of the world with the light of their understanding of life.

In fact, the selflessness that he wanted to drive into the mind and the heart of the teacher of this new breed of lineage called Guru. “Veda Vyasa” was so much. There is not a day for “Veda Vyasa” it’s not even a day for “Veda Vyasa” from whom it began. So, it’s not a day for any individual. Of course, because everything has eventually become cultish and when I say cultish, cult is a very simple thing, it’s very easy to understand. What is a cult? A cult is something where, everybody were brought so that you can help them to grow and eventually everybody were use so that you could grow. That’s what a cult is.

Everybody is drawn to a place because they wanted to grow out of that place and eventually all those people are used for your own growth and development. So, one individual begins to help everybody to grow and eventually everybody propagates that individual to the world. That’s what a cult is. And because everything has become cultish, “Guru Purnima” has also become individualistic. So, you do “Guru Purnima” for your Guru. You do “Guru Purnima” for that individual, but that was never supposed to be the purity of “Guru Purnima”.

In fact, to that extent the purity of “Guru Purnima” is such that if you are thinking only about one individual, the purity of “Guru Purnima” has been. Because your mother is also your Guru. There are certain things that you learn from your mother which you couldn’t have learned from anybody else except her. Your father is also your Guru, because some element of your darkness has been expelled from your life by what you learn from a Dad. In many ways, your little ones your sons and daughters are your Guru because, certain spectacles today you hold about life you picked-up from the way they see life, isn’t it?

Your first boss, when nobody believed in you gave you a job and taught you everything that you know, on which you’ve build your career. Whether it is the person with whom you did article-ship or the person with whom you were under probation, or you went to do a project for three months with somebody else, as part of your graduation. And some way you learn something about, it’s also your Guru.

Because what, in whatever degree, some element of your darkness has been expelled with the light of understanding, that person in their own, somebody who travelled with you in a train for that one day in sharing an incident from their life, change some perspective that you have towards life to that extent, even that person is your Guru. Yes, you hold one person as your source. You are my source of faith and knowledge. You are my, you hold one person, but “Guru Purnima” does not belong to an individual.


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