Relevance of Celebrating Guru Purnima | Part 4 of 5 – How can we give back?


How selfless he must be I’ve shared with all of you. How “Leonardo da Vinci” created a “Mona Lisa” and he admired what he created so much he didn’t even think it was worth putting his name there. So, is “Veda Vyasa”. How does it matter that you know so much about the English teacher but did not learn English?  Veda Vyasa, somehow believed, you don’t have to know me but you have to know what I teach that is important. Don’t miss the message getting attached to the messenger. Eventually, what the message can do the message can do.

Yes, if you’re also attached to the messenger there’s a different thing, but attachment to the messenger to the point that you missed the message takes you nowhere. Liking the yoga teacher without liking your yoga practice is not going to return anything out of your life. So, “Guru Purnima” is basically a day that is celebrated in expressing gratitude to a breed where they lift themselves in order to lift others. Whoever it is. So, in fact, “Guru Purnima” is a day where you do not experience gratitude for “Guru Purnima” is a day where you experience gratitude.

It’s not gratitude for, it’s not an individualistic emotion. It is an emotion of gratitude that you experience. It’s very important that you understand it’s a day that you live one with the purity of selflessness. Where the deepest understanding within you is, whatever I gained to give. I don’t gain to keep. Two, whatever is helped me to reach where I have reached. By sharing it with others, it’s not going to bring me down. A light by passing on its light to other candles does not lose anything of its own light.

I’ll put it this way. Your life came in contact with somebody’s life and your life has not been the same again. I think you owe it in turn to the world, that you will be that individual where somebody else’s life will come in contact with your life and hence their life will not be the same again. Because in the realm of a relationship with a Guru in the realm of your relationship with a fraternity of Gurus, you need to understand something, you can’t give back. The terminology I want to give back does not exist.

Mata, Pita, Guru, Deivam. You can’t give back. Because no matter how much you have received, how much you can quantify, how much you can give in return, you still cannot return proportional to what you have received. Because it cannot be quantified, it cannot be equal. So, you cannot give back. That is why in the realm of this one relationship between a seeker and the teacher, the phrase that I want to give back, I want to do something in return. I have got so much from you, so I want to do something in return. That language itself does not exist. That is why you always say, I want to serve my Guru.

And when you say I want to serve my Guru; you’re basically saying I can’t equate what I received to what I can give. So, I just want to serve or what you can do is I can pass it on. I have gained something, and I will pass on this gain to the world. I can pass it on. That candle has passed on its light to you. How foolish will it be for you to think that I will go back and light the candle which lit me. Because the candle that lit you doesn’t need your light it has a light of its own, but you can do something. Some candle lit me. Now let me be the candle who in return can light a few more candles.

I can pass it on. I can’t give back. You can serve, you can pass on. But you cannot – that language does not exist in the realm of a relationship between a seeker. To think give back will be materialistic. So, it’s a day where I practice the quality of selflessness, somewhere realizing so much from so many different sources I have gained in return let me give to the world. In a way the world can benefit. In the way the world can understand. In the way the world can find value out of what I give. And let me live the day with the heart beating in gratitude, not gratitude for,  gratitude.

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