Relevance of Celebrating Guru Purnima | Part 5 of 5 – Pass it on…


So, the significance of “Guru Purnima” is about one individual who was a path breaker, a pathfinder, a trailblazer in his own rights. For the first time, it’s with “Veda Vyasa” began, a quality called selflessness. The willingness to gain to give and not the need to gain to keep. And understanding a process that does lead you need to be shared with the world so that it can lead others. An understanding, not every genius can be a teacher because not every genius can pass on what they have understood at that level of consciousness to somebody else.

At somebody else at that level of consciousness will be able to receive, but not everybody. A teacher’s primary responsibility is, take it from one level of consciousness and give it in a level of consciousness that everybody like a blotting paper will be able to absorb. So, it is with a heart that’s cleansed with the purity of selflessness and that dances in gratitude that you truly do justice to what a “Guru Purnima” is. A celebration that began, to the lineage that began with “Veda Vyasa”, where “Veda Vyasa” himself, we cannot comprehend and celebrate.

There is no relevance to individual celebration on the day of “Guru Purnima”. It’s a very personal private celebration to all those forces that has come into each of your life in its own right dispelling your darkness through the shining light of radiance. Gently close your eyes. Everybody gently close your eyes and let your heart just dance in gratitude. For all those light of radiance that has ever touched your life dispelling some quantum of darkness from your life. To all those people who in their own capacity taught you something about life.

Making you who you are right now. Not gratitude for, just gratitude. Let the heart dance in gratitude. And experience this very private intimate feeling of self purification. A feeling a tinge of selflessness. Telling yourself, somebody’s life crossed my life and my life has never been the same again and in my own way, I will be a life which will touch another life and ensure that their life will never be the same again. You don’t have to be a Guru to do that. You don’t have to be a source to do that. In your own capacity, to your own classmate you can do that.

Because of me somebody’s life will not be the same again. Take away this egoistic arrogance. If anywhere it exists in the corner of your mind and heart that my teacher has done so much for me, so I want to do something back to my teacher. You can never do anything in return to Mata, Pita, Guru and Deivam. If at all you are blessed, you would ever get a chance to serve “Seva” can be one of the greatest blessings, if at all you’re blessed, you’ll ever get a chance to serve. But you can always do one thing in life, pass it on. Pass it on.


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