Right Ways To Feel Like A Hero


His question is, between hiding a truth an uttering a lie, is there any difference? Under certain circumstances, is it actually okay to lie?

Now the issue is, “Dale Carnegie” when he formed certain principles on how to live your life, he had created one principle which goes like this, rest before you’re tired. Now that was actually for people where tiredness is possible. No, you’re really working 14-hours a day, 15-hours a day, once in a way you should think you should rest before you become tired. Now that principle was given to my country. Okay. And they by the time they read the first part only rest, they went off to sleep. They never read the rest only before you’re tired. Okay.

So, in fact of all the principles taught by “Dale Carnegie”, one principle which was completely practiced by my country was, rest. The moment you create conditions for exception, think about it, you will always execute the exception. Let’s bring a new rule into masterminds. Something you’re expecting new should happen from April 1st. Let’s bring a new rule into the mastermind. For genuine reasons you can come late to mastermind, we’ll bring from today. If the reason is genuine, then you can come even late to mastermind. What will happen to mastermind? Except me all of you will have genuine reasons.

Because genuine is such a relative term. I’m telling you, the most dangerous enemy to deal with is your own mind. The moment you give it an exception, the way it will manipulate you, the way it’ll create situations. In fact, in any situation it will convince you for their good only I lied. For his good only, I lied. For other sake only, I lied. For my sake, I did not know. 99% of all of us inside this auditorium can never be always honest, most of the times, sometimes honest, withholding of truth, half information. Telling only that much that should be told. Will be the nature of an individual in a contemporary world where we live.

And somewhere I think by your own awareness, if you can see progress and improvement there from where I was to where I am, from where I am to where I want to be. If we can create progress, your mind will play less games with you and you will enjoy this process of self purifying yourself progressively. In fact, the answer you should be – the question you should be asking yourself and the answer you should be finding for yourself is, for this should I be lying. I think that is a question that’s going to serve your progress a lot more than asking this question, under what circumstances lying is allowed.

In fact, you ask yourself, because you’re the only judge to your own personal honesty. You ask yourself this question, for this, do I need to lie? And whenever you find for this I need not lie, there begin to correct yourself and you will find you will be able to overcome a lot. There will be still a part of you, which will convince you under these circumstances. In fact, I will tell you, most of us are at a stage where sometimes we don’t even know we are lying. It’s become so natural to us; we don’t even know it’s lying. I’m not even right now talking in terms of we can reach that summit state and other things.

It’s a continuous journey. You continuously keep discovering about yourself. Somewhere, I meet one of your loved ones and I want to speak about you to them, because it will please them. I want to speak two sentences beautiful about you, but because it pleased them, I end up speaking seven sentences beautiful about you. Which my heart is not feeling, but I’m doing it for the sake of making them happy. To me, that itself is distortion because that’s not what I’m thinking about you, but I’m saying a lot more about you than what I’m thinking about you. Ask yourself this question, for this, do I need to lie? Tell him I’m not there. No, he can be told, he’ll call you back later.

He will call you only tomorrow, today he cannot call you. Ask yourself, for this, do I need to lie? You feel embarrassed that you take a nap in the afternoon. You feel nobody else should know that you sleep in the afternoon. So, you always tell them that he is occupied, for this do I need to lie let the world know. As long as I’m producing the results, I’m producing what is the world’s problem when I’m sleeping and when I’m awake? For this, do I need to lie? No, I cannot get up at this time. I have tried. I have tested and it’s an unwanted struggle. It’s taking away the piece of my entire morning.

So, I will wake up only at 7 o’clock. Somebody in the world ask you, when you wake up? 6:30. Why to lie for the sake of 6:30 or 7:00. You can say 7:00 am and move on.  In fact, you will see a lot of this “Daridra” lies is part of us. Getting up at 7 o’clock and saying 6:30. Now what image you want to build by – now 7 o’clock is 7 o’clock. For this, do I need to lie? What’s your weight? 78 Kg’s. What’s your weight? If a say 78 they will think I’m fat. So, what’s your weight? 74. Now is that Daridra lie required? That is the point.

Say 78, as 78. You would have dropped 8 Kg’s in the last one year. But somehow your ego feels double digit, then I’ll get good name. So, somebody says – so, you simply come in a mastermind share that 10.5 kg’s that I have dropped, and you will know it is not 10.5 kg’s. For this, do I need to lie? I think, if you can keep answering those questions, you will see that there is less and less games your own mind will play. That’s all. Leave it at that.

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