The first-FIRST

Albert Einstein defines time as the interval between two events. The Rishi’s said time is the interval between two events that happen in my life; events that happen in my life are called experiences. So, time is the interval between two experiences. An experience cannot be an experience if it doesn’t trigger a thought. So, time is the interval between two thoughts; on the second thought there is time, on the first thought time is zero.

If you have to know about Alexander, the great - then you have to study that time of history. Only then you will know about Alexander. You want to study God, then I think we have to study the history of that period when God should have been there. Even if you say God is always there, there should have been a beginning, so let’s go to the beginning.

Can God be in the first year? No, cannot be because first year would have had 365 days. So, God cannot be in the first day, or first hour, or first minute… So, God should have been in the first ‘second’.

How is it possible? How can there be a first ‘second’? That first-FIRST is God. The first second is thought, the moment the second thought comes that is second. The unit of time is called ‘second’ because only when the second thought gets triggered time comes into being, on the first -FIRST there is no thought there is only God. So, meditation is nothing but taking you to that first-FIRST which is without a thought so that you dissolve into the divine.

If thoughts are there, time is there and God is not. When you transcend a thought, there is no thought, so there is no time and the timelessness is you being with the first-FIRST; dissolved in the divine.

How can we transport ourselves to the first-FIRST state? Beloved Mahatria, explains in this video…