Why Spiritual Evolution?

It seems everything that’s happening in life is just random. There is an order to this randomness, there is an order to this chaos. There is an existential hierarchy which supersedes all man-made hierarchy.

One of the aspects of spiritual evolution is to recognize the spiritual side of this existential hierarchy caused by the energy levels of every person. Our energy levels are very different and that defines our existential hierarchy.

The two spiritual laws of energy are:

  • The lower in energy will get drawn towards the higher in energy and the higher in energy will always empower the lower in energy.
  • When your energy level increases you are automatically pushed higher and deeper.

Without aligning yourself to first law, materialistic abundance is not possible. Without aligning yourself to the second law, spiritual evolution is not possible. So, your responsibility is to grow higher in energy for materialistic abundance and spiritual evolution.

Beloved Mahatria, also explains in this oration, how we can grow in our energy levels.