Are you always in search of peace?


I understand the goal of every goal is peace. Why do you want to be rich? Some of you bought into this belief that being rich will make you comfortable enough for you to be peaceful. True!

Yet in reality what we get experiences, the very path that you take to prosperity believing so that you can be peaceful, end up realizing. You trade the very peace that you already have in order to become prosperous.

Why do you want relationships in life? Why do you want a friend? Why do you want a girlfriend? Why do you want a boyfriend? Why do you want a marriage? Why do you want children? Why do you want to be part of a fraternity? Why do you want to become a member in a club? Why is that relentlessly all of you through the social networking, trace back your college mates, school mates and you want to reconnect with all of them? Why no number of relationships seems enough for you? You want more.

Somewhere this belief that if I have more and more people in my life, if I have deeper and deeper relationships in my life, if I can bring in those people who can complete the incompleteness within me, that’s going to make me peaceful. In it ironically, I see you start trading the very peace to service there’s a relationship. What bungles your peace are the very relationships that you have drawn into your life.

You start a process to achieve a result which is already there with you and then you trade the very result for staying committed to the entire process. Why will I sell my hair to buy a comb? Why would I trade my wrist to buy a wristwatch? Why would I trade my very peace and commit myself to a path in which I am searching for peace? The more and more I realize the goal of every goal is peace. The more and more that awareness will come into me. Anything that is gained at the cost of peace is not gained at all.

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