Stay Restless, Stay Positive


That thought happens to all of us. Can I start a business like this? Can I start an institution like this? Can I serve the world like this?

Can I invent something like this? Can I come up with the next life-changing idea? Everybody goes through this. But we’re not expecting, click in our life.

We come from a system where we feel, twenty years if you study, you can become a graduate. Another ten years if you study, you can become a specialized doctor.

Twenty-five years if I do business, I can reach, where I can make money in crores. One hour a day if I exercise for the next twenty-five years continuously, I can delay death by two years.

So, we come from a pattern where everything we feel, by doing only it will happen. By click, it happens. It has to click.

And that’s always a fleeting thought. Who are those who catches this thought? Who are always expecting more from their life. They don’t feel settled.

There is this eternal dissatisfaction, restlessness. They always feel they’re not doing justice to their potential. They always feel they’re not making their life count.

They always feel that they have to do more.

Not unhappy, but dissatisfied. There’s a difference between the two, you need maturity to understand the difference between the two.

Happy I won a medal in Olympics, dissatisfied it was only silver. Happy I built a two hundred crore organization, dissatisfied that, for that I am still working fourteen hours a day.

With two thousand people, why am I still working fourteen hours a day? I want to work is different; I have to work is different. The situation for a lot of us is “I have to”, not “I want to”.

Dissatisfied. Very happy I’ve become so loving, still dissatisfied, I still get hurt. I want to reach that stage where; I get immune to hurt. That maturity level where, you can’t hurt me.

I want to reach that level, but I’m not there. Happy, from where I was to where I have reached, I am happy, but still dissatisfied. I’m still not where I belong.

Happy, that I have achieved more than all the people I met on the way. Dissatisfied, I’ve still not achieved what I’m capable of. To my capability, I have not done justice.

To my potential, I’ve not done justice. And these people who had this dissatisfaction, catch this thought. Phenomenal.

From a life where you have to borrow from six different people shirt and pant to go for your first-ever job, because you couldn’t even afford your own clothing.

To a life where, when you cross Andhra, I’m sure a lot of you can relate to it. When you cross Andhra, and if it is peak summer in second-class train.

How hot it will be inside the train; you’ll have to remove the shirt. You have to remove the shirt; it’ll be too hot. So, you are there only in your banian, wiping the sweat all the time, but that’s all you get.

But you still feel at least you’re going in a long-distance train, which many people have never gone? Every station it stops, you get down and you run to the tap that will be there.

People would have spat around, paan, zarda, everything will be there. You never thought there is something called healthy water. Water. You drank and you’ll run back and catch the train.

And for that life to eventually, build your own business, a software consultancy, and have engineers and MCS working for you, sought-after in the industry.

1994 with Oracle and Unix operating system and remote connectivity through tech, unheard of in 1994. Some of the giants in the industry right now used to come and see me, in 7, Crescent Park Street. How do we solve this? Can you suggest an algorithm for this? Should we change platforms?

Can you give me a systems design? I have a programming team, but we don’t have anybody to give us the systems design.

Not exaggerating. Every time recruitment had to be done, people used to stand in a queue to attend the interview, which used to go to the road.

We had a long parking space, because it was the end building of a series of buildings, and we used to play cricket there. So that is the length of the corridor that we had, and people used to stand in a queue, engineers and MCS, which will cross the gate and go, for a small advertisement I’ll give in Hindu.

If you’re looking for a second home, it has to be grey matter. That’s all the ad was. Interview on, walk-in. And people used to stand in queue like that.

In fact, sometimes unable to handle the crowd, I have asked my father and all to conduct an interview. First level, so that they can be screened and then only sent to me. And my father used to say, “His bio-data was too small, so I sent him out.”.

He won’t even meet him. Biodata is small, so I have rejected him. It was a dream. What is the use of an education system which does not teach us how to live life?

So what if it gives everything, but it’s not teaching us how to live life? What is the use of this education system? All of us at some stage have asked this question. The software consultant also is asking this question.

To escape from himself more than anybody else, he finds himself in Landmark, Apex Plaza, Ground Floor.

That used to be a new experience because we all come from a very different background, where books used to be on the other side of the counter. If you don’t know the name, you’re not allowed to touch.

So, when Landmark came, it was a revolution for us. You could pick up any book, read and keep it back. It was a new experience for us, at that stage.

We didn’t know that it’s an American concept we had brought here, but that time it was very new for us.  And you open some book, which all of us in Landmark do.

Nothing has changed, the world is same, everybody is going through the same thing. He’s still the crowd and is picking up one book. Nothing has changed.

Opens pages at random, nothing has changed. If a man is hungry and you feed him with fish, you feed him for that day. He has read this line.

Nothing has changed. Teach him fishing. He’s read that line. Nothing has happened. If a man is hungry, and you feed him with a fish, you feed him for that day.

Teach him fishing, you feed him for the rest of his life. He reads that line. And realizes, this is the purpose of my life. I’ll go and teach people.

A clarity with which they can live the rest of their life, with or without me.

In that one line, there was no connection to the first twenty-nine years of my life, and what happened from the next moment in my life, I caught it.

The purpose was born. And this moment is a reality for all of us twenty-five years later.


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