Why I Am Not Able to Move Ahead?


We have a bandwidth of perception this is what I am capable of and the life that you get to see is limited by the bandwidth of your own perception. You are a limitless possibility limited by your own bandwidth of perception. Research show, a child before he attains the age of 14 has been told on an average 1,48,000 times you can’t. Intention may be noble. The child wanted to climb onto a table you felt, you can’t so that he won’t hurt himself.

The child wanted to handle a knife, maybe you didn’t want him to hurt himself so you said you can’t. The intention can be noble. But the point is, before you attained the age of 14, you have been told by parents, by teachers, by education system, by peer group, your relatives, on an average 1,48,000 times you can’t. Look it’s a miracle you have made it so much in life, because anything you want to do in life, the moment the initiative goes inside, there is a 1,48,000 minimum.

This is average we are talking in terms of. An 1,48,000 echo from inside which says you can’t, you can’t, you can’t, and you believe you can’t. And in most of our cases, because we don’t take a decision and move ahead in life, we always have a council around us to discuss, you think I should do it? 10 people around you is, 10*1,48,000. All of them suggesting to you, I don’t think it’s possible, I don’t think we can. Can you believe you can’t?

And that is what department of aerodynamics have done by doing extensive research and concluded for the size of the body a bumblebee has and the size of the wings that he has, is so disproportionate. A Bumblebee cannot fly, there’s a scientific conclusion. A Bumblebee cannot fly. Fortunately, a bumblebee does not know this. It keeps flying. It’s still a scientific mystery. How a bumblebee flies?

Fortunately, there is no way a human being can communicate to a bumblebee and condition it to believe you can’t. So, it keeps flying. Unfortunately, a human being can condition another human being to believe you can’t, you can’t, you can’t, and we believe without expanding the bandwidth of perception. That’s why I said, you have to renew your perception about you. You got to believe you can. You have to speak the language of life which is you can.

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