Take Pride In Being A Teacher | Celebrating Teachers | Part 5


The first ever time I did this program that was in the year 1998 and ever since every year I’ve been addressing teachers because it’s a very strong secret desire of mine and the desire of the path of “infinitheism”. How come a “Valentine’s Day” is so popular? Because that’s a day where in spite of objection from some political parties in Mumbai, it’s a day where everybody writes an open ended card he still doesn’t know who is his girlfriend or boyfriend.

An entire day “Valentine’s Day” as a pretext they go searching, are you available? No. Okay. Are you available? Okay. So, that whatever they can find in the course of the day they can fill that name and give. But that’s a popular day. “Mother’s Day” is popular, “Father’s Day” is popular. “Obesity Day” is popular. There is a special day where all the fat source can come out and it is celebrated. And even teachers do not celebrate “Teachers Day”.

And we can continue to feel bad that students do not respect us, we can continue to feel bad the way we saw our teachers, the modern generation does not see teachers, we can continue to feel bad about it, but if teachers themselves do not take pride in being teachers and celebrating “Teachers Day”, how will we teach the next generation? It has to begin with us. So, it’s almost one single minded mission of “infinitheism”. Let it take twenty-five years, but we should make “Teachers Day” the most celebrated day in this country and then we will revolutionize the entire country.

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