Teach ‘Him’ To Respect ‘Her’


Teach your son to respect your sister, his sister. Teach your son, rather than crying and fighting about the men of this generation who do not respect woman. Let’s build the men of the next generation who will respect woman. So, never miss an opportunity. Do not continue from the time your son is only eight years old and nine years old. Teach him that he starts treating his younger sister or elder sister like a servant maid. Boys don’t work, woman have to work.

From now onwards keep on feeding that ego into him, and then the next generation will also repeat itself. Let me be blunt. We keep talking about men don’t respect a woman, men don’t respect a woman. You need to also bear some part of the cross in this because woman do not respect woman itself. Take your case to your mother and let me hear what your mother says. Your mother will say that is a woman is supposed to be. I can understand if men are not respecting woman.

I’m not able to understand woman do not respect a woman. Then how will men respect a woman? If I don’t have self respect, then I cannot expect anybody in the world to respect me. And woman don’t have self respect and woman don’t have respect for another woman, how will we teach men to respect you? So, first, you should understand, you in your eyes is not going to see your daughter as any less. Not asking you to suppress your son, but I’m saying teach him to respect a sister.

In certain areas treat them equally, from the tiny small don’t keep on queuing into his head. He is a man so he can get away with anything she is a woman she cannot. From there the change has to begin. A new future can be built. Not every freedom fighter who suffered the slavery in the hands of the “Mughals” and “British” survived to see India becoming independent, but they knew what I suffered during my times.

The next generation should not suffer and they vote for a freedom struggle, knowing very well it might take their entire life, but they knew what I suffered the next generation will not suffer and their effort today we live in a free country. Similarly, if all of you woman can realize what I suffer in this generation, the next generation of woman should not suffer. So, we will work through this entire lifetime on, you keep talking about woman empowerment, woman empowerment.

Woman empowerment can only be achieved by working with our sons who are still there in their 8s and 9s and 11 and 12 by teaching them to respect woman. Bring about this change and 20-years from now they are the men of the new generation and the woman of the new generation in the hands of the men of the new generation, hand-in-hand, we will experience a new world and that is what can be achieved.

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