The 1:23 Rule for Healthy Living


With all the education you have, why are you not taking care of your health? Don’t we have this common sense to realize? Don’t get offended by how I speak. I have not come here to be liked by you.

I have not come here to create an impression in you. I’m just expressing myself, something within me is crying! Just because I do not know you, doesn’t mean I don’t cry for you. Something within me cries.

It’s not that you’ve never gone to an ICU. And it’s not that, the problem in being in ICU is not the one who is inside the ICU. The loved one who’s sitting outside, not knowing whether you will come, or you won’t come…

Will you make it, or you’ll not make it? You’re sleeping inside with sedative, and years of your indisciplined life has taken you to the ICU, and the only fault of your loved one, maybe your mother, your wife, your daughter, your son, your husband, I don’t know who, but somebody is sitting outside, and their only mistake is, they love you.

So, they have to suffer. I’m going to make a very profound statement. If you love your people, you will take care of your health, so that you do not become a physical nuisance in their life. And all ladies sitting here…

An Indian ethos somehow makes you believe, you have to take care of others. You never take care of yourself, and I’m telling you, in an Indian culture, it’s like this.

A woman knows how to take care of a man. A man in this ethos has never been trained on how to take care of a woman.

Not that he doesn’t love you, that fellow doesn’t know how to take care of you! Because his tablet only you have given! Now, tomorrow you lie down, and he has to give medicine to you, confirmed wrong medicine.

In fact, if he has headache, you know what to do with that Bengay, Axe Oil, Tiger Balm. You have headache, and if you ask him to apply, he’ll peel off the skin! No disrespect to men.

Culturally, a man has never been taught in a system, on how to take care of a woman, and yet all of you don’t have time. “No, children have to go to school, so no time.

I have to pack my lunch box for my husband, so I have to run. ” And most of you are working women. “So, I have to do this, bus will come, no time.” Damn it, sleep half an hour less, and exercise.

Sleep half an hour less! “No, you should know that, as it is, I’m sleeping only six hours.” Sleep for five and a half hours, and that half-an-hour, exercise. You will live long enough to sleep.

The number of guilty fellows sitting here… Men and women who have taken annual membership in a fitness studio and gone only twenty-three days.

But the drama is big. The day he decides to exercise, Nike, Reebok, Puma, their turnover is made. He’ll get new shoes, a tracksuit…

First day he is going to exercise, already he wants sleeveless. Everything is fleshy-fleshy, hanging everywhere. Look like a hippopotamus, but sleeveless, everything is done there.

And straight annual membership, twenty-three days he will go. This is one implementation that has to happen today. You all make a promise to me. I’m nobody in your life, but still, you make a promise to me today.

All of you who have not exercised today, you will not have your dinner today, without doing something with your body. Climb down the staircase and go.

Probably, park your car in the next parking lot, and walk back. But somewhere, you are going to live your life, starting today. With a great level of commitment understanding, if your body had a voice, my dear, this is what your body will tell you.

“I have been designed in such a way, I can take care of you only if you take care of me. If you give up on me on a daily basis, I’ll permanently give up on you one day.”

What, just because we exercise you think we will not die? We’re not talking about death. We all have to die. We’re talking about how you live before you die! Twenty-eight and twenty-nine, it’s hurting here. This cannot be, knee won’t bend.

Climbing two flight of staircase, you pant for breath. Some people talk and pant for breath! What is your level of fitness? An hour a day to the body, and twenty-three hours of freedom.

A very simple mechanism. Push your body a little more and eat a little less. Remember that order.

If you reverse it, it’s all gone, okay? On the dining table, if you push yourself a little more, and exercise… Everything is gone. Push your body. Your body is like a child. The more you pamper, the worse becomes the behaviour. A little element of discipline, toughness is required.

Tough love, I call it. Love, but tough love. And the more you shape the potential and the direction of the child, same is the case with your body. The more you demand from the body, the healthier it gets. The more you pamper it, the worse it becomes.

You can’t even sit straight! You have that one bean bag, which takes the shape, and after lying down in the bean bag, you find remote control is there.

“Hey! Bring the remote!” Even the dogs you have, you don’t have time to take them for a walk, servants take. That’s why in every house, dogs and servants are healthy.

You admire an iPad so much, you admire a Samsung smartphone so much. Oh, I shouldn’t miss out on BlackBerry. Okay, you admire BlackBerry so much. You admire pieces of technology so much, not realizing, there has never been a better engineering than human body.

And there has never been a better architect than that. You don’t have to do anything. Just for an hour a day, divide your body into six different zones, push it for ten minutes, and remaining twenty-three hours, you don’t have to think about the body.

Eventually, when we have to die, let’s die. But there is a way to die. If you don’t take care of your health, pain, medicines, injections, surgeries, embroidery.

Showing your bums to so many nurses, for different injections. There has to be a class, with which you live your life. And that’s not going to happen if you don’t take care of your body.

So, the first thing, and easily implementable is, an hour a day to the body, and twenty-three hours of freedom, and a commitment you give to yourself.

Cherishing the gift is cherishing the giver. This body is his gift to me, the way I am going to cherish him is going to take care of this body.

And if you love your people, then you will take care of your body so that you don’t become a physical nuisance in their life.


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