Theist Vs Atheist – The Divine Delusion


One of the most often asked question by people to me is ‘I believe in God, Why I am being tested?’, ‘He doesn’t believe in God, why everything is going right for him in life?’ Now you’re an educated person so you have studied physics, and Newton was a series of one-mark questions for you… and so you know everything about gravity. I’m an illiterate, from the beginning they told me this is Mother Earth. I don’t think there’s anything called gravitational force.

Now you with all the scientific understanding of gravity, come and try to take a session like this, standing like this, and you take an entire session, after some time you will suffer pain, why? The moment you lose your alignment to gravity, gravity is trying to pull you all the time. Gravity is exerting tension and your muscles and your skeleton structure is fighting against gravity. Gravity can work against you only if you go against gravity.

If I don’t go against gravity, gravity cannot go against me. Now, I am an illiterate, now I don’t understand gravity, I’m just standing here absolutely aligned to centre of gravity. I’m absolutely comfortable. And the truth is, gravity is not a matter of belief, gravity is a matter of alignment. You can believe in gravity and lose alignment to gravity and you will suffer. I don’t believe in gravity but I am aligned to gravity and I will not suffer.

Gravity is not a matter of belief, it’s a matter of alignment. God is not a matter of belief, it’s a matter of alignment. I may not believe in God. I feel too confused about God. Nobody has seemed to provide me with the clarity that I require about God. So, I’ve taken the easiest option, so I don’t believe in God. I live my life based on certain values and certain principles and that’s how I live my life. You are not just a believer in God, you dedicate two hours every day to your sadhana, to your Pooja, to your rituals; in fact you’ve already started building a temple in your village which you want to dedicate and that is your involvement with spirituality, with religion, with devotion.

And here I am, a hard-core atheist who does not believe in any of these things. Every day in all your attempt, in your two hours of Pooja that you do, in all that you want to dedicate yourself to the temple that is being built, you keep begging God on a daily basis –  somehow that block that I have in my heart must be removed. And it’s a physical phenomena, there is a block in the heart and I keep praying, it should be removed, it should be removed. You keep praying. Now I don’t believe in God, I don’t understand all these things, but I have somehow realised my heart has been designed in such a way, it gets healthier not when it keeps doing regular work, one of the two must be done to my heart.

Either I have to slow it down, then it gets healthier or I have to make it faster for some time and it gets healthier, one of the two. Either I learn some Pranayama by which I bring down my heart rate for a few minutes from the usual 74-80-84-88 whatever you have to 66 or 65 for a few minutes every day I slow down my rhythm of pulse rate. Or, I do absolutely aggressive aerobic activity of swimming or jogging or running or doing some form of an aerobic exercise, by which I increase my heartbeat to 100-110-120 and medically, clinically research confirms whichever of the two you do, your heart gets healthier.

And I’m not doing Pooja and all my heart should become healthier, I’m just doing this. Now the one who is working on his heart either way is aligned to the truth. The one who through prayer; how to make you understand? (in Tamil). Will you allow your child, if your child says, I will not study for the exam. The time I have to study for the exam also I’ll do Pooja. And I will directly go and write the exam, I should somehow pass. And yet, without taking care of your health, you pray for health. Without aligning yourself to the highest work ethic, and backing it up with relentless intelligent effort, you expect phenomenal success in your life.

Without investing quality time and quality communication, through prayer, you expect great relationships in your life. How will it happen? God is not working against you. In fact, you have incapacitated the divine to help you. People come and ask, my father is such a nice person, twenty years he has been going to Sabarimala, why he has to go through all the suffering in life? Mother Teresa drives a car, she will meet with an accident. Why? Why? She doesn’t know driving. It really doesn’t matter whether you’re Mother Teresa or not, if you have to drive a car, you should know driving. Of course, if you have a heart of a Mother Teresa and you also know driving, you will save a few lives. If you can have that spiritual alignment, and at the same time you also live your life aligned to the truth, oh, you are a legendary combination.

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